Small Space Organization Ideas

Make use of a small hutch to tuck away scrapbooking supplies.

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    Outfit a Hutch for Scrapbook Storage

    Learn how to turn a pretty home decor piece into an ultra-organized scrapbook station.

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    Use All Available Storage Space

    Find ways to use as much space as possible while cutting clutter. Place lesser-used scrapbooking supplies on top of the hutch. Hide large tools on the bottom.

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    Hang Supplies on the Side

    A magnetic strip with canisters attached to the side of the hutch keeps tiny embellishments, such as buttons, eyelets, and brads, standing by. The strip can also hold ?work-in-progress? pouches.

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    Incorporate an Inspiration Board

    A fabric-covered bulletin board makes good use of the vertical space at the back of the hutch. Pin up reminders, showcase favorite photos, or use as an inspiration board.

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    Find Creative Ribbon Holders

    This wire tiered stand makes an ideal spot to store ribbon and adds a dainty decorative element to the cabinet.

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    Keep Ribbon Tidy

    Paper clip rolls of ribbon to keep pieces from becoming tangled.

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    Use Household Items for Storage

    Find ways to repurpose household items for scrapbooking storage. Use an old cupcake pan to hold chipboard pieces, buttons, and other small embellishments.

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    Organize Buttons Easily

    Show off a rainbow collection of buttons in small glass jars. Clear containers make it easy to find the exact embellishment needed.

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    Customize Pegboard Storage

    Painted pegboard is attached to the inside of the cupboard doors with a double layer of mounting tape. For added stability, screw the pegboard into the wood.

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    Organize Cardstock Upright

    Plastic paper holders accommodate a wide selection of cardstock and patterned paper. The upright paper storage makes the most of limited space.

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    Tuck Away Stamps

    Neatly corral rubber stamps in one of four stacked drawers.

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    Add Tool and Supply Labels

    Label drawers according to the supplies or tools inside for easy finding.

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    Turn Photo Storage into Supply Organization

    Repurpose a photo box to keep paints, rickrack, and other trims and adhesives out of sight.

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    Use Office Supply Storage Solutions

    Use a divided office supply box to hold embossing powders or glitter.

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    Add Personal Design Touches

    Give your storage space a decorative feel. Display tools, photos, albums, or vintage finds to add interest. This vintage camera stands in as a bookend for a group of photo albums.

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    Organize Small Scrapbooking Supplies

    Store small embellishments in clear, easy to reach containers or jars. Organize by color, size, or theme.

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    Easily Store Stickers

    Store sticker sheets in a container that allows you to sort easily. Stash the wire basket on top of the hutch or below in a cabinet when finished.

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