Scrapbook-Supplies Storage Closet

Tuck away scrapbook supplies in an immaculately organized closet. It's the perfect compact storage space for beginning scrapbookers and busy moms tired of hunting for crafts supplies. We asked interior designer Cathy Kramer to pack this tiny space with plenty of storage solutions you can use in your crafting space.

Install Shelves to Create Room For Supplies

Transform a chaotic closet into an inspirational scrapbook storage space with easy-to-install metal shelving units. These adjustable shelves from Elfa can be reconfigured as your storage needs change.

Organize Drawers Using Small Containers

Keep small scrapbooking supplies organized and out of sight in metal-mesh drawer dividers. Cathy filled small, flip-top, clear-plastic containers with brads, buttons, and other pint-size accents to keep them from sliding around inside the drawers of this painted wood cabinet. She painted the unfinished wooden drawer unit and added the bright flowers. Metal label holders secured to the drawer fronts with strong glue made it easy to label the contents of each drawer.

Organize Patterned Papers with Sturdy Sleeves And Hangers

Closet scrapbook storage can be stylish and functional at the same time. Cathy tucked patterned paper into these translucent plastic portfolios from Cropper Hopper and hung them from the clothes rod with inexpensive pants hangers. The translucent plastic makes it easy to see what supplies you have on hand. Use this system to organize and separate patterned papers by brand, theme, or color.

Organize Stickers and Rub-Ons in a Divided Bin

This nearly see-through storage bin from Cropper Hopper came with built-in tabbed pockets, making it an ideal way to keep scrapbook supplies neatly stashed in a small space. Cathy added labels to the tabs to make finding the right embellishment a snap.

Group Tiny Supplies Together in a Small Storage Unit

A multidrawer plastic organizer is perfect for keeping buttons, rhinestones, and ribbons from scattering across your scrapbooking space. Consider grouping similar supplies together by color, style, or brand.

Use All Available Space in the Closet

When working with limited storage space, put every inch to work. Cathy mounted cork trivets from a kitchen-and-bath store on the wall of the closet to create a miniature bulletin board. The trivets, thicker than standard wall cork, are easily mounted with foam tape.

Take Advantage of the Closet Door

Hang frequently used scrapbook supplies on the inside of the closet door for easy access. Cathy tacked wood trim to the back of a sheet of pegboard she found at a local home store, then added metal baskets and shelves. It's a smart way to avoid too many nail holes in the door itself.

Hang Small Paint Tubes on Hooks to Free Closet Space and Avoid Spills

Cathy created even more storage on the back of the closet door by attaching metal hooks to the pegboard. You can use hooks to hang any supplies that have holes already punched through packaging -- such as these craft paints -- as well as spools of ribbon, scissors, and other tools.

Store Stamps in Zip-Close Sleeves to Avoid Clutter

Cathy stored acrylic and foam stamps in layers in transparent sleeves zip-lock sleeves from Cropper Hopper. The sleeves will keep stamps organized and protected while still allowing you to easily find the exact one you need.

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