Parisian Scrapbook Room

Inspired by a Parisian apartment, Vicki Boutin's scraproom is the heart of her house.

Choose One Large Storage Piece

Vicki's large white hutch is perfect for storing tools and embellishments. Wide shelves hold baskets and jars filled with supplies, and ample counter space offers even further storage.

Store Embellishments in Baskets

White baskets hold rub-ons, stickers, and other embellishments, keeping them easily accessible. The hutch shelves are deep enough to hold the baskets and tall enough to leave room for browsing.

Leave Room for Knickknacks

The counter on Vicki's hutch allows plenty of room for her to display inspiring knickknacks, including a metal dress form (with a spider crawling up it!) and a dog figurine.

Organize Ink and Glitter

Matching red containers store Vicki's ink and glitter, keeping them within reach. Having all her supplies organized by type makes it easy to find what she wants, and the ease of sorting them in the containers cuts down on cleanup time.

Repurpose Glass Jars

Glass jars keep Vicki's buttons under control and add a colorful element to her shelves. They also make excellent storage for felt flowers and ribbon.

Let Natural Light Shine

Vicki's computer desk sits in front of a large window that allows natural light to filter in. To the left of her desk she has another shelving unit -- painted black and used for storing patterned paper, computer discs, and more embellishments.

Organize Paint

Two red metal baskets hold Vicki's paints. The baskets are deep enough to allow each container to stand up. The stackable pieces also can be used separately, and the open top allows for easy color selection.

Choose Functional, Interesting Pieces

A tin, a vintage purse, and a glass jar hold extra embellishments and act as decor. Vicki chose pieces that were functional yet interesting -- each storage unit is the perfect accent for her space.

Create Plenty of Storage

Corner shelves and a wide counter give Vicki even more room for storing embellishments and tools. An electronic die-cutting tool and several baskets fill the space on her counter. The corner shelves hold knickknacks and baskets filled with tools.

Organize Tools by Type

A metal caddy holds Vicki's brushes, pencils, scissors, and circle cutter. With a handle at the top, the caddy goes wherever Vicki needs her tools -- whether it's her worktable or a crop.

Choose a Color Scheme

A fairly neutral color scheme with a few one-of-a-kind accessories add personality to Vicki's space without overwhelming it. Black and white dominate the room, with a few splashes of color appearing in the form of her various baskets and tins.

Keep Supplies Within Easy Reach

A desk organizer keeps Vicki's must-have supplies close at hand. One of the few things she has on her worktable, it neatly stores the items she uses most.

Find Unique Storage Solutions

A two-tier stand makes great storage for scraps and items that don't fit anywhere else. Felt pieces and a luggage tag are just a few of the many items found on Vicki's stand.

Display Inspiration

A bulletin board and a pegboard square hang from Vicki's walls, giving her space to display favorite photos, her kids' artwork, and cute accents.

Decorate Your Walls

A vinyl wall decal of an owl perched on a tree adorns a wall in Vicki's scraproom. The accented wall reinforces the creative feel of the room and makes it a place where Vicki wants to spend time.

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