Mini Storage Solutions for Scrapbooking Supplies

Gather your tiny embellishments and put them in stylish, functional mini storage containers that perfectly fit the style of your scrapbooking room.

Store Scrapbooking Supplies on Kitchen Gadgets

Create a festive centerpiece for your scrapbooking space by wrapping ribbon, rickrack, and other trims into rolls and storing them on a cupcake holder. Stick a pin through the first few layers of each roll to prevent unraveling.

Use a Coat Rack as Scrapbooking Supply Storage

A simple coat rack on an empty wall provides versatile storage for scrapbooking supplies. Mount the rack on the wall and hang metal pails to store your craft supplies from the hooks.

Organize Mini Scrapbooking Supplies in a Spice Rack

Take inspiration from kitchen storage solutions. Group tiny buttons and brads in small clear jars, then pop them in a spice-drawer organizer for the perfect mini storage solution.

Secure Scrapbooking Supplies on Drawer Liners

To prevent craft supplies from rolling around in drawers, use low-cost, nonslip drawer liners in your tool station drawers. This trick is perfect for storing stamps, die cuts, and punches.

Turn a Candleholder Into Small Craft Supply Storage

This votive candleholder provides nine cups to hold small craft supplies, such as tags, twine, and labels. Give your mini storage solution a personal touch with decals, peel-and-stick labels, and paint pens.

Repurpose Workshop Storage as Scrapbooking Storage

Sold as storage for nuts and bolts, this unit can organize all your favorite embellishments. The see-through drawers allow for a colorful display as well as an at-a-glance inventory check. Add labels so you can quickly locate items.

Hang Scrapbooking Supplies in Plastic Bags

Use a metal rod from the hardware store and office-supply binder rings to organize small plastic bags filled with scrapbooking supplies.

Use Fishing Tackle Boxes for Scrapbooking Storage On The Go

Stack fishing tackle boxes that have snap-close lids on a paper towel holder for easy organization. This storage solution is perfect for on-the-go crafting. To keep your desk clutter-free, fill magnetic canisters with tiny scrapbooking supplies and stick them to a metal surface (we used a pizza baking sheet) mounted on the wall.

Turn Home Decor Items into Mini Storage Solutions

Find a cabinet with small openings to use for mini storage. The cabinet serves as a home decor piece while organizing craft supplies by type and color for easy scrapbooking.

Stick to Basic Scrapbooking Storage Solutions

Using jars as a storage solution is a great way to showcase your supplies. Pick jars in vibrant colors to brighten your scrapbooking space.

Tidy Up a Scrapbooking Space with Magnetic Storage Solutions

Use magnetic see-through jars that have snap-on lids to store small paper clips, pushpins, or staples.

Stash Scrapbooking Supplies in Pretty Vintage Items

Look to vintage items for distinctive storage solutions. This button-filled scale pulls double-duty as creative organization and home decor.

Stack Ribbon in a Paper Towel Holder For Easy Storage

Repurpose a paper towel holder as scrapbooking storage. Stack rolls of ribbon inside, then hang it on a wall to keep it out of the way.

Hang Scrapbooking Supplies in Spice Jars

Spice jars secured with commercial grade hook-and-loop tape underneath a cabinet make perfect scrapbooking room storage solutions. Put your miscellaneous scrapbooking bits inside for a clean, organized look.

Store Foam Stamps in Clear Jars

Need fast and easy storage? Put foam stamps in a clear jar to eliminate clutter in your scrapbooking space.

Organize Craft Supplies in Household Items

A large vent from the contractor section of a local home improvement store is an affordable and space-saving way to store stamps. Set it on a countertop and add favorite stamps.

Sort Scrapbooking Supplies into a Mobile Cart

Keep scrapbooking supplies close at hand and easily mobile in a small rolling cart with drawers. Cart drawers vary in size and depth, allowing the storage of all types of supplies.

Designate Craft Storage Suitcases to Family Members

Mini suitcases in graduated sizes can become fun "in-boxes" for each crafter in your family. Use one suitcase for each individual's embellishment storage, and label each case for easy pinpointing.

Use Ice Cube Trays as Inexpensive Craft Storage

Organize your embellishments by type, size, or color with these inexpensive muffin and ice cube trays. Simply stash the trays in a drawer and pull them out when you're ready to use the embellishments.

Organize Craft Supplies in Mini Serving Dishes

Butter dishes can be the perfect solution to storage problems. Simply fill them with paper clips and other scrapbooking supplies and add peel-and-stick labels.

Use Metal Tins to Easily Organize Small Scrapbooking Supplies

Use small metal tins with clear tops to store your smaller embellishments and make it easy to glance at what you have.

Store Wet Stamps in a Wire Basket For Drying

Let freshly washed stamps dry undisturbed by organizing them in a wire basket. Tiered wire baskets keep stamps and ink tidy and ready for use.

Find Household Containers For Scrapbooking Supply Storage

Raid your basement, kitchen, or bathroom to find great storage solutions. These glass jars provide excellent storage -- you can add labels or glue accents to the lids so it's easy to see what you want.

Group Small Embellishments For Easy Scrapbooking

Store small embellishments in a plastic cabinet to keep scrapbooking necessities together. Label each drawer for easy retrieval.

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