Dining Room Scrapbook Space

To be in the hub of family action, designer Janna Wilson converted her 200-square-foot dining room into a scrapbook room. Built-in cabinetry mixed with multifunctional storage pieces and salvage finds make this work space a crafter's dream.

Convert An Unused Room Into A Scrapbook Studio

Designer Janna Wilson likes to work near her family of five, so she made the main-floor dining room of her home her scrapbook studio. Husband Scott added to the existing built-in cabinets and buffet with flexible organization and storage pieces for scrapbook supplies. Hardwood floors clean up easily and look great.

Make Room For A Family Computer

Janna needed to give her computer an easy-to-access location that enables the whole family to use it, so Scott built a slim desk that's separate from her crafting table. It doesn't dominate the space and organizes office supplies and family mail. If building a custom desk isn't an option, look at flea markets, garage sales, and second-hand stores for one that will do the trick without costing lots of cash.

Stash Unsightly Items To Keep The Look Clean

In any home office, placing unsightly technology is the biggest visual challenge. Janna's slender custom desk accommodates her scanner/printer with holes in the back to hide wires from view. Canvas bins with printed labels soften up the hard lines and store family mail and other office items.

Decorate To Inspire Creativity

Janna stores favorite scrapbook pages and projects on a horizontal plate rack perfect for holding 12x12" layouts. Displays like this one are easily changed out with the seasons or as you create new favorites.

Expand Small Spaces With Visual Tricks

Oversize mirrors make small spaces feel less so. This $40 steal from Wal-Mart blends in with built-in cabinets. For a low-cost alternative, scour yard sales and flea markets for cast-off frames. A quick coat of spray paint will give new life to shabby finds. Have a piece of mirrored glass cut to fit at your local hardware store.

Change Up Storage Pieces For Decorative Flair

Because Janna's scrapbook room is on the main floor and can be seen by visitors, she's always hunting for good-looking organizational tools. This teacup pincushion ($50, etsy.com), made from felted sweaters, rounds up stray pins and tacks. The vintage cake stand shows off fun metallic buckets ($1, Wal-Mart) organizing stray embellishments and leftover scraps.

Organize Drawers Inexpensively

Janna avoids the mess of the standard junk drawer by subdividing with cheap, clear-plastic cups that hold beads, brads, chipboard, flowers, and other small scrapbook embellishments.

Subdivide Large Storage Spaces

Janna uses the storage space in her built-in cabinets to house most of her scrapbook supplies. Because her scrapbook room is in such a public space, she keeps supplies organized and looking pretty behind the glass with baskets and clear jars.

Create A Personal Reference Desk

Janna dedicates space for idea books in her storage layout. Reserving book space prevents the inevitable pile-up on all available surfaces. And, well, bookshelves just look cool.

Stash Seldom-Used Items Out Of Sight

Supplies that don't store attractively or aren't used often go behind closed doors in Sterlite bins from Wal-Mart. While the built-ins give Janna lots of room for stashing supplies, her overflow is housed in a nearby closet.

Rethink Furniture Designed For Other Rooms

Janna snagged this ladder shelf on clearance, and lined it with storage options for scrapbook supplies. Though the organizational tools are made of different shapes and materials, she keeps a color theme going for a harmonious look. Storage this open works best for neatniks who can keep things organized.

Decorate Your Crafting Space With Projects

Janna stores her scrapbook design supplies in baskets and bins on the lower rungs of the ladder shelf, but her "happy place" gets top billing -- designs that nudge her creatively in a glance. Open storage looks best with supplies that are easy to corral.

Label Baskets And Bins For Easy Identification

Janna doesn't let stickers and loose embellishments fly off the shelves. She organizes materials in attractive baskets and bins, then prints labels from her computer in a script font she adores. She cuts them out, rounding edges for a finished look, and attaches them to the baskets with a safety pin.

Experiment With Custom Storage

A pricey kitchen island inspired this custom scrapbook storage island Janna designed and Scott built. The butcher-block top is good-looking and virtually indestructible.

On one side, open shelves organize 12x12" paper in vertical paper holders while cabinet doors with a distressed finish hide additional supplies. On the other side, Scott added drawers for keeping scrapbooking tools within arm's reach. Open space to the side of the drawers enables Janna to pull up a stool for seated scrapping.

Keep Desktops Clutter-Free With An Organizer

Janna shies away from bland black desk organizers, opting for cottage-style pieces like this carousel organizer from Making Memories. In it she stashes frequently used tools, such as scissors, foam brushes, and punches.

Convert A Desk Drawer Into Shelving

Janna displays colorful supplies like wooden spools of thread and stamps in a printer's type tray. This one's an antique, but you can make a similar shabby-chic shelf from an old desk drawer outfitted with thin strips of wood for shelves.

Display Cool Tools

This pretty Kenmore sewing machine ($90 at Sears six years ago) handles paper stitching in style, and stays out for display on a wooden bench.

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