Clever Ideas for Scrapbook Storage

Turn everyday items into creative storage solutions for scrapbooking and crafts supplies.

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    Hang Most-Used Scrapbooking Supplies Near Table Space

    Hang a pretty coat rack next to your scrapbooking space. Add decorative pails to store most-used crafts supplies.

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    Turn Hardware Items into Scrapbooking Supply Storage

    A little spray paint and a bit of ball chain combine to make this duct joint into a hanging tool caddy. This fun catchall is a quick-retrieval storage device that easily hangs near your desk.

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    Use a Wine Rack as Paper Storage

    Organize rolls of paper by slipping them into a wine rack. It keeps the papers tidy and prevents them from wrinkling or bending.

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    Create Storage Solutions that Double as Home Decor

    Armed with a lamp-making kit from a local home improvement store, you can make this fun and functional lamp with seven to nine rolls of ribbon. Keep the ribbon from unrolling with pushpins, and add more flair by trimming a plain white lampshade with ribbon pieces.

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    Hang Patterned Paper for Easy Storage

    Hang patterned paper from clothes hangers by placing them in protective casings. The clear folders make it easy to find the perfect paper for any crafts project.

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    Organize Ribbon with Household Items

    Slide spools of ribbon onto a paper-towel holder for a perfect way to keep supplies in order and on display. Store ribbon scraps on a shelf above using clear glass jars.

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    Turn Kitchen Supplies into Scrapbook Storage Solutions

    Turn a toast rack into an elegant crafts supply in box. Use the slots to keep papers, stickers, and cards organized while providing decoration.

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    Create Simple and Stylish Paper Storage

    Tuck away patterned paper in cloth-lined drawers. This simple solution to paper clutter problems is also stylish.

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    Organize Photos in a Box Embellished with Scrapbooking Supplies

    Vicki Boutin dressed up an ordinary photo box by covering it with patterned paper, rub-ons, and a custom photo collage that tells which prints are inside.


    SOURCES: Patterned paper: Scenic Route Paper Co. Rub-ons: Cloud 9 Designs ("memories"), Scenic Route Paper Co. (all other). Digital frame: Rhonna Farrar for Two Peas in a Bucket.

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    Organize Crafts Supplies in a Basic Shelving Unit

    Fashion a storage-savvy side table from a basic shelf unit. This two-tier model holds crafts supplies in neatly labeled containers and is decorated with a slipcover made from a white coverlet.

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    Dress Up Plain Plastic Storage Bins

    Take ordinary bins that store papers, stickers, and other embellishments, and dress them up with labels. Replace the ID forms inside luggage tags with decorative paper for a fun way to label your items.

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    Organize Ribbon in a Concealed Storage Unit

    Hide rolls of ribbon inside a stylish storage unit. This model is the Cropper Hopper Shelf-It, but you can make your own by punching holes in thin plastic or paper boxes and attaching eyelets.

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    Organize Small Scrapbooking Supplies in a Binder

    Use office binders with standard-size page protectors for sheets of stickers and rub-ons. The protective casing keeps embellishments safe and easy to find.

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    Use Decorative Baskets as Sticker Storage

    Cardboard dividers cut to fit stylish baskets keep packaged stickers and other embellishments neat and organized. Pretty baskets organize crafts supplies and serve as home decor.

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    Fill Folders and Plastic Containers with Scrapbooking Leftovers

    To keep your colorful scraps in order, purchase colored dividers so everything is sorted by hue. Store in a file box for easy portability. Simple stickers label the box for an added touch of fun.

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