Black-and-White Scrapbook Room

Scrapbooker Irma Gabbard chose a crisp black-and-white color scheme for the tidy scrapbook room she created in her home. Check out her practical and stylish storage ideas to find solutions for your scrapbook-supply organization needs.

Hanging Storage Utilizes Space on Closet Doors

Three large doors in Irma's room made furniture selection a challenge. To maximize space, she decided to hang simple white shelves above the desk and use a basic black bookcase for supply storage. Now Irma can easily open all of the doors and the room looks neat and tidy.

Shelves and Storage Bins Keep Scrapbooking Supplies Close To Your Work Space

Irma keeps scrapbooking supplies in cute wicker baskets lined with fun fabrics that continue the room's black-and-white color scheme. Underneath her desk, she placed wire drawer systems for easy organization. A desktop file box keeps current projects handy, and a corkboard filled with family photos serves as Irma's scrapbooking inspiration.

Durable Wire Drawers Organize Heavy Items

Irma has a lot of punches and other heavy items that she needs to store in her scrapbook room. Inexpensive wire drawers are a wise choice over plastic because they are more durable and less likely to bend.

Group Similar Products Together

Irma uses clear plastic bags to group products from the same manufacturer in her drawers. This simplifies matching and keeps cardstock tidy. She also uses this large drawer as a catchall for items she hasn't yet had time to organize.

Keep Paper Scraps in Drawers to Limit Clutter

Paper scraps are always difficult to keep organized. Irma dedicated a few drawers under her desk for this purpose. Organizing the drawers by color allows her to quickly find the paper scraps she wants to use.

Drawer Units Help Organize and Sort Embellishments in Your Scrapbook Room

Embellishments are often small and easy to lose, so Irma bought a drawer unit with compartments. She simply sorts the embellishments by size and opens the drawer whenever she needs inspiration for a current project.

Keep Commonly Used Items Nearby

Irma keeps glue, her favorite scissors, and other handy items in a desktop lazy Susan. Her iPod is also within reach to keep her motivated while scrapbooking.

Personal Touches Make Your Scrapbook Room Welcoming

Although Irma chose black and white as her primary decorating colors, small splashes of color, such as these cute ribbons, add a creative touch. Homemade tags are a practical way to label your supplies.

A Separate Desk for Digital Scrapbooking Materials Declutters Your Scrapbooking Areas

This stylish black desk makes digital scrapbooking convenient. Irma stores her computer and printer on top of the desk. The cabinets and drawers provide additional storage, including room for a photo-specific printer.

Conceal Clutter Behind Pretty Cabinet Doors

To hide boring storage containers, Irma used pieces of fabric and cardstock to create patchwork-style insets for these cabinet doors. Consider filling extra shelf space with an "anything" basket: a drop spot for extra photos or notes on your next project.

Low-Cost Plastic Organizers And Jars Make Organization Simple

Inexpensive glass jars store all of Irma's floral embellishments. The bright colors are visible through the jars and add character to her scrapbook room. Clear plastic storage containers with multiple compartments are stackable and useful for organizing embellishments.

Large Bookshelves Provide a Plethora Of Storage Solutions

Irma chose this bookshelf because the large, open shelves provide enough space for a variety of storage needs. The top shelves hold clear plastic files of paper, scrapbooking magazines, and books. The bottom shelves hold wicker bins of completed scrapbooks. Photo boxes keep pictures tidy and out of sight until they are ready to be used.

Plastic Files Store Cardstock and Patterned Paper

Irma created a plastic file for each of her favorite paper manufacturers. She also uses color-coded circles to organize solid paper by hue. Files of magazines and books are labeled with homemade tags.

Clear Bags and Large Basket Hold Extra Items

Irma stores embellishments and other small items in plastic bags and places them in large wicker baskets. The baskets fit perfectly in deep bookcases or can easily slide under a desk for convenient storage.

Make the Most of Your Space With Over-The-Door Hanging Shelves

An inexpensive wire shelf unit that can hang on a door or inside a closet is a great way to maximize space. The short, narrow shelves are a great solution for storing Irma's stamps, ink pads, and embellishments. Plus the open storage helps her quickly find exactly what she is looking for.

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