$314 Wrapping Station

If disorganized gift wrap dampens your giving spirit, set up a wrapping station in a basement or crafts room to wrap presents and corral materials.

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    Clever storage solutions and workspace allocated to gift wrapping makes giving beautiful presents easy all year long.

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    Hang up wrapping paper

    This Easy Track storage unit ($165.96) was designed for closets, but it's the perfect storage solution for gift wrap. Wrapping paper stays crisp and is easily cut off the roll when hanging on a clothing rod. Shelves below house baskets storing tissue, bows, and ribbon.

    Easy Track; easytrack.com

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    Stash extra supplies in wall cabinets

    Cabinets ($43 each) mounted above the pegboard keep clutter at a minimum and house shoeboxes that keep greeting cards organized.

    Akurum horizontal wall cabinet in Arlig white: IKEA; ikea.com

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    Put the wall to work with pegboard accessories and a swing-arm wall lamp

    Small tags and ribbons get lost in the bottom of a box, but clear plastic pegboard accessories ($19.80) keep those darling decorative items organized and within reach. And let's face it, sometimes the only safe time to wrap is when otherwise peeping eyes are sleeping. For those late-night sessions, a swing-arm wall lamp ($84.60) directs light right where it's needed.

    Pegboard accessories: Azar International, Inc.; azardisplays.com

    George Kovacs P3 accent wall lamp: CSN Lighting; csnlighting.com

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