Versatile Storage Solutions

Tiny drawers
In need of a clever storage solution? With these ideas for simple, affordable storage units, you can organize your home in more ways than one.

Portable Party Cart

This rolling cart makes a super functional party station. Store party dishes, silverware and glasses on the shelves so guests can easily help themselves. Tack fun recipes for drink mixers on the corkboard door to keep them handy. Place the food and drinks on top, and let the mingling begin.

Craft Supply Storage Cart

This rolling cart turned art desk also provides a durable work surface on top and storage in cubbies below. Add labeled boxes and bins for supplies. Throw swatches into a wire bin, and hang a tote of supplies from the hook on the side for easy access. The drop side panel is perfect for extra work space.

Kitchen Storage Cabinet

A tall, skinny armoire with deep drawers and three display shelves looks good in any kitchen and squeezes into the tiniest spaces. Store place mats, tablecloths, and baking pans in the drawers. Display your favorite dishes on the shelves. Take advantage of all available storage space by using the top to showcase collectibles.

Guest Bedroom Storage

Make your visitors feel at home in the guest bedroom by putting overnight essentials within reach. Turn a skinny armoire into a place to store toiletries. Stack colorful towels and soaps on the shelves. Keep an iron close at hand by storing it on top of the armoire. Leave the bottom drawers empty so guests can stash their own items when they come to visit.

Bathroom Storage Cabinet

This shelving unit controls clutter by providing space for all your bath essentials. The top cubby holds a mirror and other primping supplies, while baskets corral odd-shape items, such as shampoo and lotion bottles. Store towels and a loofah on another shelf within reach of the tub. Reading materials fit neatly into a metal bin that rests on the bottom shelf.

Entryway Organization

If entryway storage is what you need, turn this storage unit on its side and use it as a bench. Add pillows and a cushion for comfort. Store pet dishes in one of the cubbies, a catchall basket in one, and shoes in another. Add hooks above the bench to hang grab-and-go essentials.

Tight-Space Entryway Storage

This small desk makes a space-saving entryway organizer. Place mail, keys, cell phones, and other small items in an organizer on top of the desk. A recycled dish drying rack makes room for three pairs of shoes to air dry. Attach cute hooks to the side of the desk to hold purses, leashes, and backpacks. An oversize glass vase makes a chic umbrella stand.

Get the Look:
Add a wall decal to vamp up the entryway. If it's large, consider cutting it into sections that you can apply separately. Use a level tape measure to ensure accurate positioning. Smooth the decal onto the wall with a burnishing tool to remove any bubbles. Then, slowly peel off the plastic backing.

Small-Space Crafts Organization

If you need crafts space but don't have a whole room, this slim desk holds supplies in a compact space. Add a small hutch to boost storage and house little bins for ribbons and spools of thread. Below the desk, stack clear-front boxes to keep fabric in plain sight. Add coat hooks to the side of the desk to cleverly hold cutting tools.

Bedroom Closet Organizers

Maximize vertical space in your closet by adding shelves. Hang hats and scarves from clothespins attached to fishing wire underneath one shelf, and mount tissue holders under the other shelf to hang small bags. Toss loose jewelry into a pretty dish on top of the shelf for easy storage.

Editor's Tip: Make sure you buy shelves that are deep and sturdy. Decorative ones aren't always strong enough to hold baskets or heavy stacks of clothing.

Kid's Closet Organizers

In a kid's room, small organizers make for quick and easy cleanup on sturdy shelves. Miniature buckets on a lazy Susan and wicker baskets give kids places to store art supplies and books. Hang paper towel bars underneath a shelf to store crafts paper. Weigh the edges down with clothespins to keep from curling.

Attach a magnetic strip to the front edge of a shelf to display artwork. Turn unexpected items into clever storage on the top shelf: Here, two bean-filled stuffed animals make great bookends, and bright leather lunch boxes add extra storage -- as well as pops of color.

Bookcase Storage Desk

Two standard desk-height bookcases convert easily into work space. Add a slab door on top for a work surface. Extra kitchen items such as a dish drainer or silverware tray effortlessly organize file folders and office supplies on the shelves. Wallpaper on the shelf backs brightens dark recesses, and bright bins organize office supplies.

Bookcase Buffet

Need extra space for your dishes? Push two bookcases together to make an instant buffet. Napkins fit neatly in a utensil caddy, while spare linens stack in a pretty baking dish on the bottom shelf. Take advantage of the shelf height by placing small items on a tiered rack designed for pantries.

Extra Closet Storage

Organize tomorrow's outfit and make packing for trips easier by tucking a table into your walk-in closet. Small suitcases of accessories make putting your outfit together a breeze.

Bathroom Vanity Storage

Convert a table into a roomy vanity. Above-the-counter sinks give you more counter space for getting-ready essentials. A big basket underneath stores fresh towels.

Living Room Storage Bench

Give yourself an extra place to sit and to store items by giving shelves a dual purpose as a bench and organizational space. Store books and pillows on the shelves and inside the colorful drawers.

Drawers-on-Wheels Storage

Boost storage capacity by separating this set of drawers on wheels from the bench. The drawers can roll to any room and open from both sides, making books and games portable and accessible.

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