Don't let Fido—and all of his stuff—take over your home. These smart storage solutions will find a home for your pet's walking supplies, treats, paperwork, and more.

By Jen Jones
December 14, 2017

Fake an Entryway

Our pets are a big part of our daily lives. They bring smiles to our faces, are loyal companions and complete our families. However, pets can come with a lot of stuff! Leashes, dishes, food, treats, vitamins, grooming supplies, oh my!

All of those items can quickly look like loose clutter around the home, yet need to be integrated into daily life. Here are a few of my favorite practical (and stylish) solutions for organizing your pets around the abode. Head to my blog, IHeart Organizing, for more storage ideas.

Walking Station

Create a dog walking station near an entrance. I personally love keeping a tote on a hook to hold harnesses, doggy sacks, leashes, treats, etc. The tote conceals the daily walking clutter, yet keeps everything in a convenient location. Take things a step further by adding additional bins and caddies for other grooming supplies and daily necessities.

A Spot for Spot

All family members want privacy from time to time, so why should your pet be an exception to that rule? Tuck pet beds under shelves and in small nooks to keep them out of heavy traffic zones and to offer pets some quiet and security where they rest. Include a few favorite toys in this spot, too. 

Treat Zone

Add decorative labels to everyday tins and jars to take pet food and treat storage to a whole new level.  Both you and your pet will be smiling big at feeding time. Plus, you'll never again accidentally mistake your dog's treats for cookies when hunting for a midnight snack. 

Meal Prep

Add a small mat or tray under dog dishes and bowls to prevent water and food from spilling and spreading all over the kitchen floor. Even better, consider a built-in feeding station embedded into a bottom cabinet. Just slide the cabinet open when it's feeding time, then push out of sight.

Best-Ever Baskets

Keep an open top bin or basket near floor level to promote daily play and to reinforce which toys are for your pets and which are for other members of the family. Small plastic containers within the basket segregate balls from chew toys and make the basket easier to clean.

Looking Good

Corral daily grooming supplies into one place. Fill a shower caddy with basic needs, such as shampoos, brushes, nail clippers, ear solution, and dental care items. When everything is in one place, it's easy to transport your pet's needs from room-to-room or when you go on vacation.

First Aid Kit

Unfortunately, our pets may become hurt from time to time and may need specialized first aid solutions. Be prepared with a pet friendly first aid kit containing cotton pads, gauze, bandages, cotton swabs, scissors, tweezers, flea and tick treatments, worming treatments, antiseptic, and sanitizer. Make sure to label the pet-specific kit so it can be differentiated from a standard first aid kit.

Important Paperwork

Keep important pet paperwork and vet records organized within a handy three ring binder or folder. Keep track of important items such as important dates, medications, veterinarian information, pet sitter notes, etc. Store the records with the rest of your family's important paperwork. 


Create an all-in-one cabinet for all things pet related.  Pull out drawers to hold pet food, hooks for walking supplies, baskets of toys and grooming supplies.  The options are endless and everything tucks away neatly behind closed doors.

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August 9, 2018
Even though there is a cat in one of the pictures, this is all about dogs. What about a cat oriented article?