Store More: Simple Storage Projects

Stop stressing about that mess. Take rooms from chaotic to controlled in less than a weekend's time with these 15 storage solutions.

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    Upright Arrangement

    The wall next to your desk can hold more than a calendar. Expand storage space with hanging paper organizers, penholders, and mail catchers. Taking these items off the work surface gives you more space to complete tasks and cross items off of that never-ending to-do list.

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    Take Charge of the Situation

    Designate a specific area on your counter for an electronic charging station. Install a USB charger outlet, found at any home improvement store, and employ a paper organizer to safely hold charging devices.

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    Creation Station

    Transform a wall into a kid's art center by covering an area with chalkboard paint. Add a magnetic strip for detachable marker and crayon tins and an upper shelf for messier crafting supplies. Open frames attached to the wall showcase the child's latest paintings or chalk drawings.

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    On the Right Track

    Take advantage of forgotten space on the back of a closet or pantry door by attaching a hang track system with interchangeable baskets. Adhesive hooks and a repurposed magazine rack hold aprons and grocery bags when not it use.

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    Within an Arm’s Reach

    Outfit the bare side of a workspace with a towel bar for quick and easy cooking cleanup. Beyond a towel, the bar can double as a place to hang cooking utensils, pots and pans, or extra aprons.

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    Contained and Classified

    Speed up cleaning time by designating labeled buckets to a specific person or activity. These containers easily transport to the messy site and hide the clutter tucked away inside.

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    Space-Saving Spices

    Effortlessly locate the perfect seasoning to your meal with proper labeling and clear containers. The uniform jars easily fit in square storage boxes inside the drawer to prevent tipping or spilling. Use colored labels to separate spices into further categories, like cooking or baking.

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    Refresh Flea Market Finds

    Find a new use for antique shop scores. A plate, cake stand, and small bowl keep makeup, brushes, and jewelry close at hand for busy mornings. Increase the structure's stability by dropping a dollop of glue on the bottom of each item and fastening the piece to the plate.

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    Nothing to Shutter About

    Deck out a window shutter with S hooks and buckets to hold office and craft supplies. The stacked horizontal slats allow you to adjust the hooks and arrange all of your items to the perfect reaching height.

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    Order in the Cork

    Tired of tangled chains and misplaced makeup? Repurpose ornate picture frames into jewelry and cosmetic storage with a fresh coat of paint, roll of cork, and sheet of magnetic chalkboard. Push small S hooks into the cork to hang necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Stick magnetic strips to the bottom of makeup containers to secure them onto the chalkboard.

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    Magnetic Management

    Stop searching for misplaced bobby pins, tweezers, and nail clippers. Attach a magnetic strip to a wall or the inside of a cabinet door to quickly access those easy-to-lose metal items.

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    Get Your Ducts in a Row

    Fasten a spring tension curtain rod inside a bookshelf or rolling cart to hang duct tape, ribbon spools, and other hard-to-store items. If your collection grows, add more storage by staggering two rods on top of each other.

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    Pipe Up

    PVC pipe is strong, affordable, and comes in a variety of sizes. After cutting and spray-painting the pipe, secure it to a sturdy board to organize kitchen utensils, craft items, or office supplies.

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    Double Duty

    Get more use out of deep drawer space with a stackable gliding organizer. Assigning a spot for each utensil means less time rummaging through a mess and more time cooking for dinner guests.

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    Cart Keeper

    Short on counter space? Employ a rolling cart to set appliances on or easily transport dinner courses from oven to table. Store extra bowls or linens on the lower shelves for easy serving and cleanup.

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