Give a basic storage basket a rustic makeover with rope. This chic DIY calls for only three materials and can be made in an hour.

By Katie Bandurski
June 18, 2017

Spruce up a plain wire basket with thick craft rope. This easy DIY project takes only an hour to make and instantly adds style to a basic storage item.

We used neutral rope for our basket, but feel free to use varied hues for an extra splash of color. The rope can cover as little or as much of the basket as you'd like, and this DIY works on any size of wire basket.

As a bonus, this project looks great in every room of your home. Use a rope basket in the bathroom to hold extra linens or toilet paper. Stash one in the kitchen for dirty dish towels or cookbooks. And, as shown, the baskets make perfect magazine and newspaper holders in the living room. No matter where you use it, rest assured that the space will look cleaner and more chic with this stylish storage solution.

Rope-Wrapped Storage Basket filled with magazine

What You Need

  • Wire basket
  • Thick craft rope in two colors—one for the main portion of the basket, one for an accent
  • Scissors

Step 1: Prep Materials

Unspool a few feet of rope, and cut with scissors. Repeat until you have several portions of pre-cut rope. Remove any tags or packaging from the basket.

Step 2: Weave the First Rows

Tie a section of rope to the bottom of the basket. Weave the strand under and over basket wires, repeating until the first row is fully woven. Reverse weave the second row, looping the rope over then under. This will result in a textured look. Continue weaving until the second row is finished.

Step 3: On Repeat

Continue switching the weave pattern at each row until you've covered the desired amount of the basket. Tie together additional rope portions as you go along, as needed. If desired, tie rope in an accent color midway through weaving. Weave until a stripe forms, then switch back to the dominant rope color. Tie the rope to the basket to finish, cutting away any excess.


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