30 Repurposed Armoire Ideas to Immediately Upgrade Your Storage

baking armoire storage

Start with a basic armoire, unfinished or just outdated. Rethink its purpose and storage potential, then give it a new look with paint, wallpaper, or stencils, and you've got a stylish focal point for your room.

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Delicate Storage

beverage entertaining armoire storage

Entertainment storage for wine glasses, serving trays, and drink accessories is a must, but it often runs in short supply. A sturdy armoire, with a few customizations, is a great place to keep delicate items safe and easily accessible.

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Hanging Order

beverage entertaining armoire storage

Take advantage of unused space with clever storage solutions. Here, wine glasses are suspended from the underside of the top shelf. Colorful trays conserve space by standing upright, and clear glass containers corral drink umbrellas.

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Baking Center

Transform an old armoire into a storage-packed baking center for your kitchen. Here's how!

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Sunny Workstation

desk armoire cabinet hutch storage

Contain a whole home office inside an armoire with a few clutter-concealing solutions. An upper shelf corrals reference books and magazine holders. Essential supplies such as pencils, scissors, and notepads have a place on the desktop, too, all kept in order with desk organizers.

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Color-Splashed Backdrop

desk armoire cabinet hutch storage

Decorative fabric creates an attractive backdrop when a bland space needs a makeover. A splash of sunny yellow helped transform this once-boxy armoire into a standout workstation. Cut corkboard panels to size and cover with fun patterned fabric. Mount the corkboard on the armoire's back wall and inner doors for a practical place to hang your calendar, stamps, and reminders.

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Entertainment Central

entertainment family room armoire storage

No more searching around the house for your favorite movies and magazines. This armoire relies on labeled boxes to corral entertainment essentials. Using coordinating baskets is a stylish and strategic way to keep games, CDs, and DVDs organized.

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Remote Location

entertainment family room armoire storage

Find smart ways to expand storage space where you need it most. Mount a small box to the inside of the armoire door to store multiple remotes. This box keeps remotes in an easy-to-reach location, right inside the entertainment armoire.

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See It in Action

Watch and see all the details from this smart media storage armoire.

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Cleaning Storage

garage armoire cabinet storage

Create a storage extension anywhere in your home by using a wide armoire to hold often-used items such as detergent, pet treats, and cleaning supplies. A small rod on one side provides enough space for several clothing items to dry, and extra shelves are perfect for keeping supplies tidy.

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Great Hang-Up

garage armoire cabinet storage

Create an instant message center on an inner door panel with a simple bulletin board. Use the message board to post chore lists and cleaning tip sheets.

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Baking Storage

baking armoire storage

With a fresh coat of turquoise paint, this repurposed armoire brightens the room as a pretty baking cabinet. Bifold doors conceal baking items and ensure accessibility. Shelves encourage tidiness within, making it easy to store mixing bowls, sprinkles, and ingredients.

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Ready to Bake

baking armoire storage detail

Make use of every bit of space by grouping baking supplies by use. Keep large or frequently used items, such as bowls and a mixer, on lower shelves so they are easy to reach. Clear canisters store essential ingredients and allow you to see contents at a glance. Overlooked spaces under the top shelf and along the armoire's back wall are made storage-friendly with shelf-mount hooks and a magnetic bar to hang recipes from.

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Craft Supply & Demand

Craft Supply & Demand

Revamp an armoire with wallpaper and ribbon trim. Adhere rectangles of wallpaper to the front of an armoire with decoupage medium. Trim the rectangles with ribbon to finish the look. Inside, this cabinet is ready for some serious crafting. Magnetic boards are attached to the inside of the doors, and pegboard covers the back.

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Desk Set

Desk Set

Add even more benefit to a storage armoire with a pullout work surface. A piece of painted plywood underneath a shelf rolls out on a mounted drawer glide. A strip of wood placed on the front of the pullout desk finishes the desk and catches any wayward pencils.

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Art-Smart Space

toy armoire cabinet hutch storage kids

A designated play space keeps kids' crafts and toys in one main location. Low drawers and bin-lined shelves store toys at kid-level, while the top shelf is reserved for board games. A built-in desktop provides plenty of creative space for projects or homework. The chalkboard and bulletin boards inside the doors are perfect for doodling or displaying artwork.

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Simply Stenciled

toy armoire cabinet hutch storage kids

Stenciled letters add instant character to these plain white drawers, and they help kids easily find what they are looking for. Labeled drawers transform your kids' clutter into an orderly play space and keep items out of sight when they are not in use.

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Supplement Closet Space

Bedroom armoire

This vintage-inspired bedroom armoire has oodles of ways to keep things tidy. Each pair of shoes has its own compartment, and clear-front doors keep them paired up and free from scratches. Bins and boxes to neatly corral belts, headbands, and other small accessories adorn the shelves, leaving enough room on other shelves for a row of upright purses and stacked shirts. Mirrors on the upper and lower doors make it easy to look good from head to toe.

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Declutter with Jewelry Sorters

Bedroom armoire drawer

Tired of digging for a matching pair of earrings? Or searching for a scarf that has gone out of sight? This drawer opens up to reveal folded silk scarves and a portable tray of metal tins to organize and separate earrings, rings, and bracelets.

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Pet Station

pet storage supplies dog cat food armoire cabinet

An armoire outfitted with shelves tames pet supplies, while the chalkboard inside the doors displays reminders for playdates and appointments. Spacious, divided compartments provide a manageable way to organize treats, toys, and grooming supplies; each one is tall enough to organize bins and boxes of all sizes.

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Sliding Storage

pet food bin storage supplies dog cat armoire cabinet

Small storage space requires creativity. At the base of this armoire, separate sliding trays serve as a clever storage unit for large, frequently used items, such as a bin of pet food.

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Linen Storage Solutions

Pastel bedroom armoire

Towels and linens stack neatly in this pastel armoire. Matching bins house other bedroom accessories, such as decorative pillows and bedding. For a touch of elegance, fold a pillowcase over the edge of a bin to display its decorative lace trim. Store extra blankets out of sight in the bottom cabinet. Use the top of the armoire to display colored vases.

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Easy Vintage Stencil

Pastel armoire close up

Use a stencil to create this damask design on the inside panel of the door. Applying a thin layer of paint gives the pattern a not-so-perfect, vintage feel.

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Living Space

storage armoire

A refurbished armoire anchors this home's living space by echoing the color scheme determined by the wallpaper and furnishings. Its combination of drawers and closet space offers the perfect solution for small-space storage.

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Out of Sight

storage armoire detail

If your front door opens into a living space, consider an armoire like this one as a substitute for a closet. The pretty exterior fits in with the rest of the living room's furnishings, while the large door conceals hooks for coats and bags and space for shoes on the bottom. The drawers are perfect for stashing your living room extras or front door necessities such as mittens, hats, and umbrellas.

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Scrapbooking Storage Center

Scrapbooking center

Scrapbook in style with this super organized home scrapbooking center. The left side holds magazines and idea books in baskets as well as storage shelves for past scrapbooks or current projects. The right side is a mini crafts cabinet with stacking shelves to organize colored paper and bins for other supplies.

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Easy Cabinet Organizers

Scrapbook close up

Use coordinated baskets and tins to hold essential items in a decorative way. Small round containers are perfect for organizing and color-coding buttons, rhinestones, and other scrapbooking bits. Editor's tip: Hang metal strips on the wall and attach magnets to metal mesh containers to store paint brushes, markers, scissors, and paint. This uses wall space efficiently and keeps little things organized and visible.

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Pretty Pink Media Storage

Pretty Pink Media Storage

This armoire not only gives the living room decor a pop -- it's also the perfect place to store movies, books, games, pillows, and out-of-season decorations. To make a design statement, use paint to add color to personalize an inexpensive piece of unfinished furniture, such as this perky pink armoire.

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Stenciled Armoire Doors

Pink armoire close up

This unfinished armoire became a major focal point with just a little paint and stenciling. The fun pattern was made with die-cut scrapbook paper used as a stencil. Use a foam pouncer brush to apply paint that is at least one shade lighter than the base color.

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Storage for Kids' Stuff

Kids armoire

Kids always come with a lot of stuff. Clothes, shoes, toys, and games -- this colossal cabinet holds it all. The double doors open wide to reveal tons of space to keep everything organized. Labeled metal bins on top are a perfect place to throw stuffed animals and other toys.

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Great Basket Organization

green storage cabinet

Metal crates and woven bins are perfectly sized catchalls for overflow clothes, toys, and gear. Keep favorite -- and frequently used -- items on the lower shelves within a child's reach. Hang pictures or special medals from the door to add personal flair.

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