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    Baking Sheets

    Corral bigger office necessities or crafting supplies inside shallow baking sheets. Designate one tray per task or type of item.

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    Baking Trays, Take 2

    Baking sheets are also ideal for entryways. Place wet and muddy shoes on the sheets to reduce puddles on the floor.

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    Shoe Organizer

    Repurpose a pocketed shoe organizer for leggings and tights, which can be tough to keep folded. Simply roll them up and tuck into the organizer's pockets.

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    Muffin Tins

    Compartmentalized muffin tins are perfect for holding small items such as paper clips, thumbtacks, and stamps.

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    A bookcase becomes a fit-any-size-space entryway organizer with a few small tweaks. Watch and see how it's done.

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    Tissue Box Holders

    Plastic shopping bags can pile up. Stuff yours into a tissue box holder and they'll be close at hand and contained. This also works for zip-top storage bags.

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    Candy Tins

    Repurpose small candy tins to organize rings and earrings. Place labels on the lids and organize items by type.

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    Plastic Containers

    Kids have plenty of small toys -- keeping all the pieces and parts together is easy when you use plastic food containers. Add labels so kids know what goes where.

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    Binder Clips

    Keep sets of fabric napkins together with binder clips, which can be found in a variety of sizes to suit your napkin collection.

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    Dish-Drying Rack

    Set up a portable office with a dish-drying rack. The slats for dishes will keep files upright, and the utensil holder is perfect for pens, notebooks, and other office supplies.

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    Utensil Trays

    The compartments in utensil trays are perfect for organizing jewelry, and they can be tucked into a dresser or vanity drawer.

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    Laundry Hamper

    Employ a plastic laundry basket to corral bulky sports gear. Plastic baskets work well because they are easy to clean with a hose.

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    Store magazines or newspapers on a hanger. Look for pants hangers with multiple bars to hold several periodicals.

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    Keep toys or game controls organized inside a large bowl. Bonus points if the bowl has handles and coordinates with your decor.

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    Muffin Cups

    Streamline a messy vanity drawer with plastic muffin or dessert cups. They're the perfect size for small toiletries, lip gloss, nail polish, and hair accessories.

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