Organize your home office with these free, customizable labels.

A home office can easily become cluttered by small desk supplies and piles of papers. Once you have established an organizational system, label everything to ensure each item goes back to its designated place. Adding labels will keep your desk tidy and make cleanup that much simpler.

Download and print the free office labels, and attach them to drawers, baskets, boxes, and other portable storage units to keep papers, art supplies, office items, receipts, and important items organized.

Download the free labels here

Everything In Place

Blue and green desk accessories

Labels on every small container and drawer create a personal organization system. This office setup features small drawers on the desktop for pens, paper, stationery, and more. A deep plastic bin, with a label tag hanging from the handle, holds incoming mail that needs to be sorted. Wall-mounted paper sorters hold important papers and bills sorted by their due dates and status.

Encourage Eco-Friendliness

In the Home Office

Remind yourself to recycle while working at your home office. Place small labeled trashcans under your desk to ease sorting paper, metal, and plastic materials.

In this home office, a built-in desk incorporates pegboard, open cubbies, a closed drawer, and a magnetic chalkboard surface for do-it-all organization. 

Mail Sorter

in out box

Track ingoing and outgoing mail with color-coded, labeled paper trays. This ensures outgoing mail gets put in the mailbox on time, and incoming mail is sorted and dealt with in a timely manner. If you have a large office, place mail sorters on a desk surface. If space is a premium, hang mounted organizers.

Paper Zone

bright green wall with hanging organization

Familys with young children tend to have a lot of papers. It can be hard to keep track of everything, especially with multiple kids in different grades with different teachers. Keep permission slips and homework organized with labeled plastic paper sleeves mounted to a blank office wall. Designate a corkboard for each child to display artwork, photos, and report cards.

Small Paper Storage

three blue organizational binders

No matter how organized an office, papers always seem to stack up. Small papers like coupons, warranties, and receipts can get lost in the shuffle. Give them a labeled, designated place to land before they get buried. An accordion file folder makes it easy to sort coupons and receipts. Name each one with adhesive office labels or stickers.


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