Furniture Makeovers that Maximize Storage

Don't take furniture pieces for face value. A few tweaks can make a big difference for your home's organization and storage needs.

Dresser Turned TV Stand

Image: Two Twenty One

Organization can be one of the most difficult conundrums to solve in a home. It all comes down to ample storage and everything having a place to go. If your home is lacking in additional storage space, there's no need to add on. Just consider using furniture pieces you already have in new ways to meet your needs. A little imagination and a bit of elbow grease goes a long way.

Dressers aren't just for storing clothes. Make them multi-functional with a few small changes. Start by sprucing them up with a nice, clean paint color, but don't stop there. Turn an old dresser into a TV console simply by removing a few drawers. Use those spaces for a DVD player, gaming console, and more. The top is perfect for your big screen and there isn't a prettier way to hide all those cords.

This project from: Two Twenty One

Hutch Top Mudroom Drop Zone

Image: Worthing Court

You've seen those forlorn hutch tops in the thrift stores without their bottoms, right? Or maybe you've even got one lying around somewhere. If you do, you've probably wondered what in the world you could do with just the top. If you've never even considered it, this will change your mind.

Don't have a dedicated entryway or mudroom drop zone? Let that orphaned hutch top do the work for you! Attach it to the wall, add some hooks and baskets, and you've got yourself a brand new storage solution without taking up any floor space.

This project from: Worthing Court

Secretary Desk Turned Bar

Image: May Richer Fuller Be

There was once a pretty desk that turned into a bar... And the rest is history!

Sometimes you want lovely furniture but you need it to do a job as well. Who says a secretary desk has to hold paper and pens? Maybe that's not the storage solution your home needs. Not to worry! There's no rule that says your gorgeous secretary desk can't hold all your cocktail-making supplies. The fold-down front makes for the perfect prep surface. And once you're finished, you can close it up and lock it. Extra bonus!

If you've been looking at a dresser as a one-purpose item, it's time to starting thinking of its other uses, like a TV console or kitchen island. This way your storage or organization needs are guaranteed to be met without all those extra furniture pieces you thought you needed.

This project from: May Richer Fuller Be

Bookcase Lego Storage

Image: Thrift Diving

If you thought bookcases were just for books, think again. And if you thought bookcases were just for standing up, consider laying one on its side. You'll still be able to use it as a bookcase, but now you've tripled the storage space by utilizing the longer top.

Take it a step further and add cabinet-like storage on top for small toys. No more stepping on LEGOS in the dark! They'll be tucked away in their home atop the bookcase.

This project from: Thrift Diving

IKEA Rast Storage Hack

Image: At Home With The Barkers

If you've taken advantage of inexpensive and easy-to-put-together furniture then you've only scratched the surface of a really neat storage solution. Of course you can use the drawers and the top for storage, but don't forget about the sides!

Add some hooks, metal bins, or shelves to the sides to give you additional storage space. This is a great idea for a craft room. For even more functionality, add casters to make it mobile.

This project from: At Home with the Barkers

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