Turn an existing cabinet or hall closet into a charming linen closet to store bathroom towels, toiletries, and more -- in just a few hours!

Is your bathroom a disaster? Are shampoo bottles scattered everywhere? Do you crave sheet and towel tidiness? You're at the right place. Start with a new or existing cabinet (we used a free-standing piece of painted furniture) -- or even a hall closet. Whichever you choose, follow these basic steps to add function and style.

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Divide shelves with wooden corbels (sometimes called brackets) which you can buy at a home center. Position the corbels to best support stacks of folded towels and linens. Attach the corbels by screwing up through the bottom of the shelves and into the corbels and through the back of the cabinet and into the corbels. (For a hall closet, you'll need to screw in from the front of the corbel for the final step. Or use wood glue between the wall and the corbel instead of screws.)

Label shelf edges so everyone knows which sizes of sheets go where and to avoid mixing up sizes. We used a hot-glue gun to attach the ribbon with added mailbox letters (forming words, such as "queen" or "full") along the shelf edge. For a consistent look, edge remaining shelves with matching ribbon.

Install purchased basket-style drawers on runners so that the drawers slide in and out for easy access. Depending on the width of the cabinet, you may have to add a vertical dividing board (as we did) to support the runners for one side of each drawer. Use screws to secure the board to the bottom of the cabinet and the shelf above.

Mount a large hook on the exterior cabinet wall to add a landing space for wet towels. (This vintage-style hook came from a discount retail store.)

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