Easy Storage Project: Customized Kitchen Pantry

Pantry cabinets work harder when you deck out the doors with organizational helpers.

Is your kitchen a mess? Your counters cluttered? Your fridge frosted with sticky notes? Help is here. This four-door pantry is designed to keep a household organized -- as well as to store food. Lower doors are dressed in materials that are fun for kids (a chalkboard and magnetized display board), while the top two doors hold office supplies, coupons, and other adult-friendly materials. Read on to find out how to tackle four separate storage tactics for your pantry's cabinet doors.

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  1. Cut a piece of pegboard to fit the recessed portion of the door interior.
  2. Attach a frame of lath strips to back of the pegboard edges, using wood glue and brads or staples. (The frame creates enough space between the door surface and the pegboard so you can insert storage hooks into the pegboard holes.) Secure the pegboard to the door with wood glue. Clamp overnight until dry.
  3. Equip the pegboard with hooks for hanging office supplies, such as a tape dispenser, file cabinet keys, coupons, and bins for holding small items, such as paper clips and stamps.

Cook Anytime with a Well-Stocked Pantry

  1. Use a foam roller to apply latex primer to the recessed portion of the door interior; let dry.
  2. Use a clean foam roller to apply one or more coats of chalkboard paint. Allow the chalkboard to dry before using as recommended by the paint manufacturer.
  3. Attach a small wire basket (not shown) to cabinet door frame to hold chalk and eraser.
  1. Trim a sheet of adhesive-back cork to fit the recessed portion of the door interior, using a straightedge and a utility knife. (Note that you can also use double-sided tape to hold cork in place.)
  2. Peel off the backing and adhere the cork to the door.
  3. Use push pins to hold tickets, paint chips, lists, and other items in place.

Super-Easy Cork-Coaster Bulletin Board

  1. Purchase a galvanized sheet-metal panel from a home center. Bring the dimensions of the door's recessed panel with you, and see if you can get the metal sheet cut to size. (Be careful handling a cut sheet-metal panel because the edges will be sharp.) You can also take the sheet to a metal fabricator along with the recessed panel dimensions. The fabricator can cut the panel, then bend the edges under to achieve the desired size and a safer edge.
  2. Secure the metal to the door using an adhesive formulated for wood and metal.
  3. Clamp overnight or until dry.


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