Kid clutter in the entry calls for a handy wall system that puts everything within reach.
Accumulate in the Mudroom

Is your entry a mess? Are you tired of stepping on backpacks on your way to the garage? Does your family need an organized place to store outerwear, purses, and keys? Then this entryway storage system is for you—no separate mudroom required! You'll only need an afternoon to re-create this assortment of storage solutions by your back door.

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Build Your Own:

cork board

1. Cover a 3-x-3-foot area on the lower portion of the wall with 12-x-24-inch cork tiles. Finish off the top edge of the cork by mounting a 1x6 board to the wall.

2. Above the board, cover the wall with a beaded-board panel, if desired.

3. Paint board and panel as desired. Let dry.

coat rack

4. Use screws to attach a purchased chrome or stainless-steel storage rail (also called a mounting strip) to the board. The rail shown here measures 31 1/2 inches long.

5. For additional storage, secure a wall shelf with drawers low enough on the wall, just above the metal rod, that your children can easily see inside the drawers to retrieve belongings.

6. About 15 inches above the drawers, secure another 31-1/2-inch storage rail, which is the right height for adults to use.


7. Slip S hooks over each rod for hanging backpacks, keys, and other items. You can also purchase additional storage pieces that are designed to hang from the rod, such as a metal shelf or caddy.

Entryway Organizer


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