Running out of storage space in your bedroom? Look under the bed! Old dresser drawers will turn this underutilized space into smart storage. Watch and learn how easy it is.

By Hannah Bruneman
August 03, 2018
Read step by step instructions after the video.

Boost your bedroom storage by making your own underbed storage. All you need is a salvaged drawer to start. A few quick updates, a fresh coat of paint, and new casters turn the drawer into a handy container perfect for stashing spare linens or personal belongings. Check out our easy-to-follow instructions below. 

  • Working time 2 hrs
  • Start to finish 1 day
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Involves Painting, Drilling

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Prep Drawer

First, protect your work surface with a drop cloth. Then, clean the door with a tack cloth. Place the drawer on the painter triangles. The triangles will elevate the drawer so it's easier to paint. It will also allow excess paint to drip off the surface, instead of building up and drying on the bottom edges. 

Step 2

Prime and Paint

Next, prime the drawer inside and out. Priming will help the paint stick to the box and ensure even coverage. Once the drawer is primed and dry, paint the inside of the drawer a fun color. We used purple! Unless you have a steady hand with a paintbrush, you should line the edges with painters tape before you begin. 

Once the colorful paint is dry, paint the outside with glossy paint. This sheen is more durable and easier to clean. 

Step 3

Add Casters

Once the paint is dry, turn the drawer upside down. Position the casters and mark the holes with a pencil. Drill pilot holes through the four corners, then add the casters by drilling screws down through the caster holes, one at a time. Now you have extra storage under the bed to stash linens, blankets, and more!

create pilot holes in shelf with drill
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