Organize Now: Simple Weekend Projects

Check out these quick and easy DIY projects you can make this weekend without spending a bundle.

Work Wall Storage

What it is: Turn a wall into a storage and work space with just a few add-ons.

How to make it: Cover the top half of a blank wall with stick-on cork tiles to create an oversize pinboard. Use colored tape to delineate zones for different purposes. Install a ledge beneath the cork tiles, and add a hanging rail system just below to make the wall of storage complete. For a fun bonus, paint the lower half of the wall with chalkboard paint to create a kid-friendly place to draw.

Entertain in style with a well-appointed buffet. See how to create a buffet arrangement that blends both style and function.

Dining Room Storage

What it is: A dining room buffet packed with storage.

How to make it: Watch and see how to turn a plain bookcase into stylish storage.

Organized Entry

What it is: A fits-anywhere organization station to corral essentials near the door.

How to make it: Place a divided bin on the wall for organizing gear. Install a few sturdy hooks for bags, hats, and coats. Use smaller hooks to hang large binder clips to organize important papers that you'll need to grab before leaving the house. Position a large bin or box below the installation as a catchall for other items.

Table Storage

What it is: A storage-filled, flea market-style coffee table that's both decorative and practical.

How to make it: Create this storage-filled table by topping four vintage produce bins with an old tabletop and resting everything on a plywood slab outfitted with casters.

Pocket Protector

What it is: Magazine pockets for organizing stacks of periodicals.

How to make it: Cover a piece of plywood with upholstery-weight fabric. Cut strips of fabric long enough to be wrapped around the board and wide enough to be folded in half lengthwise to create a pocket deep enough to hold magazines; hem as desired. Fold the strips in half lengthwise and wrap around the sides of the board with the folded edge facing downward. Secure the ends of the fabric to the back of the board with staples. Keep the top layer stapled a bit looser than the bottom layer so that the pouch can accommodate a few magazines. Finish the edges with wood trim.

Running out storage space in your bedroom? Look under the bed! Old dresser drawers will turn this underutilized space into smart storage. Watch and learn how easy it is.

From Drawers to Underbed Storage

You can also use dresser drawers as handy underbed storage. Watch and learn how!

Suitcase Storage

What it is: A retired suitcase gets first-class treatment as underbed storage.

How to make it: If desired, give the outside of the suitcase a fresh coat of paint. Install a small caster on the bottom of the suitcase at each corner. Stow sheets or seasonal clothing inside the suitcase and roll beneath the bed for out-of-sight storage. Before you begin, measure the height of the suitcase and casters to make sure the finished product will fit under your bed.

Charge It Up

What it is: An antique toolbox repurposed for a modern necessity: Charging devices.

How to make it: Drill a hole in the side of a toolbox; the hole needs to be large enough to feed an electrical plug through. Place a plug strip inside the box and feed the plug through the hole. Cut a board to fit inside the box and drill holes on the board (large enough so that one end of your charging cords can feed through them). Plug the chargers into the plug strip, feed the ends through the holes in the board, and place the board inside the toolbox. Fire up the plug strip and start charging.

Two in One

What it is: A bar-height table with built-in organization made from bookcases and a prefab wood or laminate countertop.
How to make it: For a 36-inch-tall table, use 34-inch bookcases and a 2-inch-thick countertop. (Edge-glued wood tops are available in different sizes at big box stores.) The countertop should be the same width as the bookcase. Long countertops will need a center support. Attach the counter to the bookcases using L brackets.


Prettier Storage Boxes

What it is: Save some money and make your own pretty storage boxes!

How to make it: Select a fabric and a cardboard box in the size that you prefer. Add two times the depth of the box to its length and width and add one more inch on all sides to determine the dimensions of your fabric. Attach the fabric to the box with spray adhesive, pulling the fabric tight to make it secure. Line the inside of the box with remaining fabric and add a ribbon to complete the look.

Jewelry Organizer

What it is: A piece of art that also holds your favorite pieces of jewelry.

How to make it: Trim a metal radiator cover or wire screen to fit inside a frame. Stand it at the back of a dresser. Hook earrings through the grid and use small S hooks to hang other items

Wrapping Station

What it is: An all-in-one organization station for gift-wrapping essentials.

How to make it: Office accessories and bath necessities receive a unifying coat of spray paint and combine as a fabulous hang-anywhere wrapping station. A desk file mounted to the wall partners with a towel bar to stand gift-wrap rolls at attention, while S hooks suspend tools within arm’s reach.

Secret Storage

What it is: A stylish, vibrant skirt that hides unsightly storage.

How to make it: Measure your table and cut a piece of fabric to fit around the sides of the table you want to be skirted and cut to the proper length (the fabric should begin at the tabletop and reach the floor). Hem or finish the fabric as desired. Following the manufacturer's instructions, place hook-and-loop tape around the edge of the table and along the top edge of the skirt. Attach the skirt to the table using the hook-and-loop tape.

Stacked Bath Storage

What it is: Simple wood crates unite to make fabulous bath storage.

How to make it: Reinforce stapled slats on the crates with screws. Paint or finish the crates as desired. Stack the crates together and attach with screws. Make sure your configuration has a sturdy base to support the crates above it. If you have children, use molly bolts to attach the crates to the wall.

Kitchen Catchall

What it is: A shoe organizer that works just as well in the kitchen

How to make it: Add three screws to the top of the door and suspend a clear shoe bag from ribbon hangers. Label each pocket with a colored tag and store kitchen tools and supplies.

Sweet Dreams Storage

What it is: Hymnal holders repurposed for bedside storage.

How to make it: Paint hymnal holders (available on and other online auction sites) and attach them to the wall next to the bed. This space-saving alternative to a bedside table is perfect for quick, out of the way storage, especially for a bookworm.

Ladder Shelf

What it is: An old ladder extends storage space and adds vintage charm.

How to make it: Give a ladder a fresh coat of paint. Add old vent grates to each rung and simply screw them into place.

Pretty Pencil Cups

What it is: A chic and inexpensive way to store pencils and pens.

How to make it: Use hook-and-loop tape to wrap ordinary paint or soup cans in leftover wallpaper scraps.

DIY Table Cover

What it is: Hidden bedside storage with a custom table cover.

How to make it: A custom slipcover is pretty, practical, and keeps boxes and bedroom belongings tucked out of the way. For instructions on how to make your own table cover, click the link below.

Mobile Shoe-Storage Unit

What it is: An easy-to-spot shoemobile you can customize to store and roll anywhere.

How to make it: Keep pairs of shoes together in clear containers and place on shelves with easy-to-attach wheels.

Storage Station

What it is: A bookcase outfitted with personalized storage buckets keeps entries clutter-free.

How to make it: Prime and paint buckets to match your decor. Adjust bookcase shelves to make room for the buckets. Secure name tags to the buckets with a metal fastener and use magnets to add to-do lists and messages.

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