21 DIY Storage Projects You Can Tackle This Weekend

children toy storage containers
Photo: Steven McDonald

Organize your home in less than a weekend's time with these easy DIY storage ideas. Many of these projects use items you already have around the house, including materials like leftover fabric and paints, to make getting organized easier than ever. Try a few of these DIY storage projects this weekend for a quick organization boost.

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DIY Measuring Cup Storage

diy cabinet measuring tool storage
Adam Albright

What it is: Clear out your utensil drawer or streamline cabinet organization with a DIY storage solution for measuring cups.

How to make it: Mount small hooks on the inside of a cabinet door to hold measuring cups and spoons or other kitchen utensils. To avoid putting holes in your cabinets, attach the hooks to a wood board first and secure the board to the door using damage-free hanging strips. ($8, Target). Make sure the arrangement allows the door to close completely.

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Gift Wrap Storage Station

mounted gift wrapping station
Ann VanderWiel Wilde

What it is: Create an all-in-one organization station for gift-wrapping essentials.

How to make it: Office accessories, clothes hangers, and simple hooks combine for a hang-anywhere gift wrapping station. Mount a file folder on the wall to hold tissue paper, and gather gift tags on a hanging clipboard. Use a tiered pants hanger to hold ribbons and twine. Hang long wood dowels from hooks to store wrapping paper horizontally.

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Prettier Storage Boxes

children toy storage containers
Steven McDonald

What it is: Turn plain baskets or bins into pretty storage containers with paint.

How to make it: Gather totes from around the house and a few complementary colors of paint. To create a color-blocked look, mark off a section of the container with painters tape and paint the area below the tape. Let the paint dry completely before removing the tape.

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DIY Jewelry Storage

bedroom dresser diy framed hanging jewelry
Greg Scheidemann

What it is: Fashion a DIY jewelry organizer that doubles as wall decor.

How to make it: Hang an empty picture frame on the wall to create a border for the arrangement. Mount hooks or decorative hardware knobs inside the frame and use them to hang bracelets and necklaces.

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DIY Desk

diy oak top desk office space
David Tsay

What it is: Transform basic file cabinets into a DIY desk to turn any space into a home office.

How to make it: Paint file cabinets in a shade that matches your decor. Space two cabinets a few feet apart and lay a wood plank on top to form a desktop. For a finished look, seal the wood with a top coat of polyurethane.

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DIY Work Wall Storage

home office with cork board wall and white mod chairs
Robert Brinson

What it is: Turn a blank wall into a work station with just a few add-ons.

How to make it: Cover the top half of a wall with stick-on cork tiles to create an oversize pinboard. Use colored tape to delineate zones for different purposes. Install DIY photo ledges beneath the cork tiles, and add a hanging rail system just below to make the wall of storage complete. For a fun bonus, paint the lower half of the wall with chalkboard paint to create a kid-friendly place to draw.

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DIY Bedside Storage

Hanging wicker shelf holding books and laptop
Paul Dyer

What it is: Use a spare basket for DIY bedside storage.

How to make it: Turn a woven basket on its side and secure small pieces of wood inside to form shelves. Mount the basket on a wall near the bed (with the bottom facing the wall) to create a bedside storage unit. Don't forget a hole for charging devices!

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Storage Station

metal bin storage shelving
Brie Williams

What it is: A bookcase outfitted with personalized storage buckets to keep entries clutter-free.

How to make it: Prime and paint buckets to match your decor. Adjust bookcase shelves to make room for the buckets. Secure name tags to the buckets with a metal fastener and use magnets to add to-do lists and messages.

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Craft Supply Storage

diy art supply organizer on table
Jessica Glynn Photography LLC

What it is: Repurpose a cleaning caddy as an inexpensive way to store pencils and pens.

How to make it: Paint a cleaning caddy or flea-market storage find your favorite color, then fill with Mason jars for a portable arts and crafts station. Use hook-and-loop tape to wrap ordinary paint or soup cans in leftover wallpaper scraps.

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DIY Suitcase Storage

suitcase bar cart
Laura Moss

What it is: Repurpose a retired suitcase as bar cart storage.

How to make it: Set an open suitcase on top of a rolling cart. Use the interior to corral bottles, glassware, or shakers. Store small tools, such as a bottle opener, strainer, and stirring spoons, in the pockets inside the lid.

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Organize Your Entryway

entryway metal basket organizer
Adam Albright Photography Inc

What it is: A fits-anywhere organization station to corral essentials near the door.

How to make it: Place a divided bin on the wall for organizing gear. Install a few sturdy hooks for bags, hats, and coats. Use smaller hooks to hang large binder clips to organize important papers that you'll need to grab before leaving the house. Position a large bin or box below the installation as a catchall for other items.

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Paper Storage Solution

Wire baskets hanging on wall filled with papers
Cameron Sadeghpour

What it is: Magazine pockets for organizing stacks of papers.

How to make it: Mount magazine files to the wall for vertical storage that sorts bills, mail, and other timely papers. Create storage labels that read "Pending," "Do Later," and "Do Now" to stay up to date on important deadlines.

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Hidden Storage

below counter organization numbers
Marco Ricca

What it is: Hide unsightly storage with a removable table skirt.

How to make it: Measure your table or cabinet and cut a piece of fabric to fit around the sides you want to be skirted. Cut the fabric to the proper length (the fabric should begin at the surface and reach the floor). Hem or finish the fabric as desired. Attach hook-and-loop tape around the edge of the table and along the top edge of the skirt; then secure the skirt to the edge of your furniture piece.

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Dining Room Storage

Navy blue hutch white ceramics
Jay Wilde

What it is: Beautify an old dining room buffet or China hutch with color and pattern.

How to make it: Refresh a dated piece of wood furniture with a fresh coat of paint. Line the back of the piece with a pretty pattern using leftover wallpaper scraps or inexpensive temporary wallpaper.

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Family Charging Station

electronic charging containers
Adam Albright

What it is: Keep track of chargers and electronic devices with a family charging station that includes storage for miscellaneous items.

How to make it: Choose a central location that's easily accessible, such as the entryway or the kitchen. Designate one tray for each family member and attach a binder clip to one edge. Plug device chargers into a nearby outlet or power strip and run the cords through each binder clip to keep them in place. Have each family member place their phones or tablets inside their tray to charge, and use the tray to corral small items such as keys, sunglasses, or loose change.

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DIY Coffee Table Storage

Grey sofa novelty pillow diy table
Cameron Sadeghpour

What it is: Build a DIY flea market-style coffee table that's both decorative and practical.

How to make it: Create this storage-filled table by attaching wooden crates to a plywood slab outfitted with casters. Paint and distress the wood before assembling for a vintage look. Use it as a storage space for games, books, or other media.

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DIY Storage Table

colorful high table with storage underneath
Marty Baldwin

What it is: A bar-height table with built-in organization made from bookcases and a prefab wood or laminate countertop.

How to make it: For a 36-inch-tall table, use 34-inch bookcases and a 2-inch-thick countertop. (Edge-glued wood tops are available in different sizes at big box stores.) The countertop should be the same width as the bookcase. Long countertops will need a center support. Attach the counter to the bookcases using L brackets.

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Stacked Bath Storage

DIY colorful stacked crate bathroom storage
Jason Donnelly

What it is: Simple wood crates unite to make fabulous bathroom storage.

How to make it: Reinforce stapled slats on wood crates with screws. Paint or finish the crates as desired. Stack the crates together and attach them with screws. Make sure your configuration has a sturdy base to support the crates above it. If you have children, use molly bolts to attach the crates to the wall.

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Kitchen Catchall

plastic storage sleeves hanging on white door
Adam Albright Photography Inc

What it is: A shoe organizer that works just as well in the kitchen or pantry.

How to make it: Add three screws to the top of your pantry door and suspend a clear shoe bag from ribbon hangers. Label each pocket with a colored tag and store kitchen tools and supplies.

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DIY Storage Shelf

ladder storage shelves with baskets and plant
Cameron Sadeghpour Photography

What it is: An old ladder extends storage space and adds vintage charm.

How to make it: Give a ladder a fresh coat of paint. Add old vent grates to each rung and simply screw them into place. Use the DIY ladder bookcase to display houseplants and store your favorite reads.

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Mobile Shoe Storage Unit

plastic bins in rolling closer storage shelf
Scott Little

What it is: An easy-to-spot shoe storage unit you can customize to roll anywhere.

How to make it: Keep pairs of shoes together in clear containers and place on shelves with easy-to-attach wheels. Label the containers with the contents and swap out shoes with the seasons.

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