15 Pegboard Ideas to Organize Your Life (Not Just Your Garage)

Pegboard with tools and bag
Photo: Adam Albright

Don't limit pegboard to the garage. These multipurpose panels can help you get organized in the kitchen, bedrooms, living spaces, and more. Create a custom organizing system with these creative pegboard ideas.

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DIY Pegboard Project

desk with white pegboard on wall with shelves
Edmund Barr

You can easily create your own pegboard panel by drilling a grid pattern of holes into a plywood board. Then use wood dowels to hold hangable items, support shelves, and mount hanging rods. The pretty, minimalistic design makes this pegboard storage system a stylish and functional addition to a home office or crafting area.

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Savvy Craft Storage

Wall with crafting supplies
Greg Scheidemann

Use pegboard panels to organize craft supplies like ribbon, thread, scissors, and other tools. Mount the panels inside a cabinet or closet to keep this organizing system out of the way yet still easy to access. Position furring strips ($2, Home Depot) around the pegboard's back perimeter to provide enough clearance to hang hooks and containers.

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Custom Entry Idea

Pegboard holding items at front door
Adam Albright

Pegboard is perfect for the entryway because you can rearrange the moveable pegs as your organization needs change (from season to season, for example). Make a DIY pegboard to fit your entry by drilling holes into a sheet of maple plywood. Then add wood dowels for hanging items and shelf support. Hang the pegboard panel above a storage bench near the door. For a more finished look, frame the peg panel using maple trim boards.

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Garage Pegboard Party Central

Pegboard behind tool chest
Cameron Sadeghpour

Pegboard can store more than hammers and screwdrivers in the garage. Outfitted with a combination of hooks and baskets, it can handle all your outdoor entertaining essentials. Any wire, open weave, or handled basket works with pegboard, as long as you can hang it on a hook. Store a rolling cart underneath the panel that can easily be rolled out to the patio when it's party time.

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Deck Out Your Door

Items organize on closet door
Jay Wilde/The Wilde Project

Pegboard is flat and versatile, so it can fit in almost any area you wish. Mount it on the back of a closet door in your entry or office to make frequently used items easier to grab. Combine pegboard panels with buckets, file sorters, and other organizational tools to build a variety of storage options.

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Pegboard Bedside Storage

Pegboard in bedroom holding items
Jay Wilde

Good use of vertical space is essential in small bedrooms. Swap a bulky bookshelf for a pegboard panel, which can add additional storage behind a nightstand without taking up more floor space. Use standard hardware hooks to create a photo collage, hang favorite accessories, or plan your day's outfit.

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Don't Leave Out the Labels

Pegboard with shelves and rubber mallet
Jay Wilde

As you organize your pegboard storage system, sort items by type or function so everything has its own designated spot. Attach labels to your board to avoid losing or misplacing items. This is especially helpful for storage areas that will be used by multiple people.

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Pegboard Headboard

Bedroom with pegboard headboard
Adam Albright

This pegboard idea reimagines the storage panel as a one-of-a-kind headboard. First, paint the pegboard to match the room or in a contrasting accent color. Then weave yarn or ribbon in various colors through the holes to form a pretty design.

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Kitchen Collection

Shelf with pegboard holding kitchen items above
Jay Wilde

Limited cabinet or drawer space? Install a pegboard panel on the kitchen wall to keep pots, pans, and utensils within an arm's reach. For even more versatility, add shelves and baskets to store extra linens and dishware.

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Outdoor Order

Orange pegboard holding tools
Adam Albright

Put tools on display in a garage or utility room to keep them easily reachable when you need them. A steel board with peg slots and holes provides sturdy storage that you can customize to fit your needs. Accessorize your pegboard tool storage with a multiple-tool holder, shelves, and hooks to hold all of your workshop essentials.

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Rethink Your Drawer Space

Pegs in drawer holding plates
Andreas Trauttmansdorff

Eliminate the heavy lifting that comes with storing dishes in an upper cabinet. Instead, use an in-drawer pegboard organizer to safely store dishes inside deep kitchen drawers. The moveable pegs can rearrange to fit different sizes of dishware while keeping the breakables safe and chip-free.

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Baby on Board

Pegboard above changing table holding items
Greg Scheidemann

A pegboard organizing system is ideal for kid's rooms because you can easily rearrange and customize it to suit their needs. With removable hooks and clips, the board can change just as quickly as your child grows. Hang cubbies to keep items close at hand, and personalize the space with mementos, photos, or favorite pieces of artwork.

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Function-Filled Tiles

Organized desk with items on wall
Adam Albright

Double your desk area's duty with a message center made of cork, chalkboard, and pegboard squares. Mount the panels above the desk surface and use a variety of organizers to sort supplies and post messages. For storage wall baskets that don't include pegs, stick a screw into the wall through a peg hole and hang the basket's handle from the makeshift peg.

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Rethink Standard Pieces

Pegboard with tools and bag
Adam Albright

Refresh standard white pegboard with a colorful coat of paint. Add wood trim around the perimeter to create a frame and give the pegboard a more polished look. Shop around a home improvement store for hardware and S hooks to use for hanging craft or office supplies.

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DIY Pegboard Island

Pegboard panels can provide convenient kitchen storage for utensils, small pots, and other cooking essentials. Learn how to upgrade a basic kitchen island with this DIY pegboard idea. Watch the video to see how we did it.

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