Creative Things to Do with Pegboard

Don't limit pegboard to the garage. Combine function with style to create one-of-a-kind looks in your kitchen, bedrooms, living spaces, and more.

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    Deck Out Your Door

    Pegboard is flat and versatile, so it can fit in almost any area you wish, like the back of a closet door. Arrange it next to buckets, files, and other organizational tools to build a variety of storage options.

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    Side Table Style

    Add some flair to a small bedroom by tricking out a painted pegboard. Create a photo collage or plan your day’s outfit using standard hardware hooks. If your board is near an outlet, install a charging station by attaching a small organizer.

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    Don’t Leave Out the Labels

    Avoid losing or misplacing items by attaching labels to your board. This way, the storage area will stay neat and organized even after the use of multiple people.

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    The Pegboard Headboard

    Take pegboard to the next level by creating a one-of-a-kind headboard. After painting the board to match the room, weave yarn or ribbon through the holes to form a favorite design or saying.

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    Kitchen Collection

    Limited cabinet space? Install pegboard on the kitchen wall to keep pots, pans, and utensils within an arm’s reach. For even more versatility, shelves and baskets can store extra linens and dishware.

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    Outdoor Order

    A steel board with peg slots and peg holes maximizes the tool storage potential. Accessorize with a multiple-tool holder, shelves, and hooks to hold all of your workshop essentials.

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    Rethink Your Drawer Space

    An in-drawer pegboard organizer utilizes deep drawer space and eliminates lifting heavy stacks of dishes into an upper cabinet. The moveable pegs can rearrange to fit different sizes of dishware while keeping the breakables safe and chip-free.

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    Baby on Board

    Introduce the use of a pegboard into a kids room. With removable hooks and clips, the board can change just as quickly as your child grows. Hang cubbies to keep items close at hand, and personalize the space with mementos, photos, or favorite pieces of artwork.

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    Function-Filled Tiles

    Double your desk area's duty with a message center made of cork, chalkboard, and pegboard squares. If you find a storage wall basket you love but it doesn't include pegs, stick a screw into the wall through a peg hole and hang the basket on the makeshift peg.

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    New Use for Standard Pieces

    Transform standard white pegboard into a stylish focal point by adding a coat of paint and some trim. Shop around a home improvement store for hardware and S hooks to hang crafting items or office supplies from.

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    Bonus! DIY Island

    See how to create a simple and stylish DIY island with pegboard to store your cooking utensils. 

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    Tidy Tools

    Never go searching for a that flathead screwdriver again! Pegboard has been used in garages, workshops, and sheds for many years as amazing tool storage. When working on a project, digging for tools is sure to slow anyone down. Organizing tools on pegboard will ensure they are visible and easy to find during a household emergency or even a quick DIY.

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    Garden Gear

    Pegboard isn’t just for building tools; use it to corral all of the tools used for gardening and yard-work by installing a system over a potting bench or in a small nook of the garage.

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    Sew Clever Storage

    If pegboards are the perfect solution for building tools, surely they can offer amazing versatility and storage for craft tools as well. And that they do! By mixing and matching hooks, pencil cups, and even thread organizers, you can keep all of your supplies for your favorite hobbies right within arm's reach. Nail the pegboard inside of a decorative frame to hang it above your workspace, or frame out the back of the pegboard to install it on the inside of a cabinet door for concealed storage. Either way, it is sure to change the way you sew and craft!

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    Store in Style

    To manage a plethora of wardrobe accessories, install pegboard on a bedroom wall or within a closet space. Anything from necklaces to scarves to sunglasses can be stored in this fashion, ensuring getting ready in the morning is easy breezy. By dressing up the pegboard with your favorite paint color, it will allow the organization to seamlessly blend with your space.

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    That’s a Wrap

    Create a small station for organizing the supplies needed for wrapping gifts year round. Pegboard hooks hold tools like scissors and tape, while bins can be installed to hold markers, pens, and embellishments. Hooks paired with cafe rods or bungee systems can be used for corralling spools of ribbons and tubes of gift wrap.

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    Cleaning and Maintenance Solutions

    A wall or closet filled with pegboard brings together all of the supplies used to care and maintain a home. Hooks work wonders for holding brooms, dusters, paint brushes, scrubbers, and much, much more.

    Via A Beautiful Mess

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