18 DIY Outdoor Storage Ideas to Organize All Your Backyard Essentials

Bar cart against wooden wall
Photo: Jason Donnelly

Between gardening tools, entertaining supplies, and other exterior essentials, adequate storage areas are a must-have in outdoor living spaces. Create your own outdoor organization system to simplify your needs. These DIY outdoor storage projects can boost the style and functionality of your porch, patio, or deck.

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Flea Market Outdoor Storage

flea market project on porch
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Even the simplest materials can be repurposed for DIY outdoor storage. Look for old wooden crates at flea markets or antique shops to serve as open storage on your front porch. The container can also serve as a side table to hold beverages or a vase of fresh flowers.

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Outdoor Pegboard Storage

Pegboard behind tool chest
Cameron Sadeghpour

Attach pegboard to a garage or shed wall for an instant organization hub. Customize the system with hooks, baskets, and shelves to store everything you need to tend your garden or host an outdoor gathering. A rolling cart nearby provides easy transportation when you need to bring supplies out to the patio.

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DIY Outdoor Drink Station

Bar cart against wooden wall
Jason Donnelly

Turn a basic metal shelving unit into an outdoor drink station with a few DIY modifications. First, swap the metal top with a wood surface for a custom look. Cut a hole into the wood tabletop to fit a drop-in metal tub. Stock the shelves with glassware and cocktail fixings, and fill the tub with ice to keep beverages cold while entertaining outdoors.

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Outdoor Desk Design

white craft supply desk
Marty Baldwin

Designate a space to host all your outdoor supplies, including sidewalk chalk, toys, and more, by reimagining a secondhand hutch or TV cabinet. Hang hooks nearby to hold umbrellas and other outdoor gear. Chalkboard signs, bright colors, and a comfy desk chair give the space an indoor-outdoor appeal.

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DIY Gardening Organizer

outdoor garden workbench
Ed Gohlich

Use old pallets to put together a DIY gardening table that's perfect for potting plants and storing supplies. Add hooks for gardening tools and shelves to hold unused pots and watering cans. Mount a pretty planted basket on the upper area to liven up the storage unit.

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Wooden Swing Storage

Porch Swing book holder
Adam Albright

Set up a space for reading material on your front porch swing with a shelf specifically designed for books and magazines. Mount the shelf on the side of the swing for easy access. Give the purchased shelf a personalized touch by using washi tape.

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Pallet Storage Table

Pallet Storage Table
Adam Albright

Layers of wooden pallets stacked on top of one another provide shelving units where outdoor supplies can be stored. Cut a hole in the top of the highest pallet as an extra storage place for plants or tools. Paint the DIY storage piece in a bright color to match your other patio decor.

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Rolling Storage Table

home porch with green table and plants
Helen Norman

Refresh a metal work table to create a stylish (and movable) outdoor storage station. Start with a vibrant paint job, then attach caster wheels to the legs so it can easily shift where storage is needed. Use the tabletop to store necessities for outdoor entertaining or gardening.

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Garden Organization Center

outdoor organization center
Peter Krumhardt

Construct a one-stop-shop for all of your outdoor tools with a latticework wall hanging and industrial table. Mount simple wire hooks on the lattice for hanging gardening or grilling tools. The space is both beautiful and functional when adorned with garden-themed artwork and potted plants.

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Outdoor Storage Table

outdoor storage table
Cameron Sadeghpour

Build a coffee table that's ripe with storage for your outdoor living space. This multitasking DIY table can serve as bench seating or a serving area for entertaining. Special divets in the tabletop provide room for storing plants, tools, and other items.

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Small Porch Space-Savers

Well-designed DIY outdoor storage can boost your porch's functionality and style. These personality-packed ideas maximize space, comfort, and curb appeal. Learn how to recreate these clever DIYs for your front porch.

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DIY Patio Table

Patio Buffet Table
Robert Brinson

Corral your outdoor dining utensils in one concentrated space with a DIY patio table. Sturdy, outdoor-designed fabric hides the shelving below the storage unit. The tabletop doubles as display space and a buffet table when guests come to visit.

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Planter Storage Unit

Planter Storage Unit
Kritsada Panichgul

Give your extra plants and pots a place to live with a hanging storage center and matching shelving unit. Due to the nature of the organization center, the unit also doubles as a secondary garden. Line the lower shelves with small potted plants, such as succulents and cacti.

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Hanging Garage Storage

Hanging Garage Storage
Cameron Sadeghpour

Plastic tubs are great for quickly organizing toys and other garage supplies. Hang them on the wall using sturdy metal hooks. To keep items sorted, label the tubs using scrapbooking stickers.

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DIY Cinderblock Furniture

Cinder block outdoor seating
Cameron Sadeghpour

Fashion tables and benches out of concrete cinderblocks to provide ample space for outdoor storage. The holes in the blocks are the perfect space to keep outdoor belongings. Openings that face upward, such as the ones across the back of this cinderblock bench, can serve as places to plant greenery, too.

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Outdoor Bar Cart

Drop leaf mobile cart
Marty Baldwin

Create a storage area for outdoor entertaining with a rolling shelving unit. Give the piece a fresh new color using spraypaint. Place a basket on the bottom part to hold your accoutrements, then use the top as an entertaining area.

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Rolling DIY Outdoor Table

Rolling Outdoor Porch Table
Cameron Sadeghpour

Build an outdoor unit for your patio or porch with a few slabs of treated wood and storage tubs. Attach wheels to the bottom on one of the pieces of wood, then set the tubs on top. You can fill the tubs with whatever you need stored, then lay the final piece of wood on top to finish.

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DIY Outdoor Patio Bar

Outdoor Patio Bar
David A Land

Organize an entertaining epicenter on your patio or back porch. This multilevel solution offers a place to hold all your outdoor glassware and bar utensils. Perch the DIY storage unit on an outdoor table to keep wares ready for al fresco entertaining.

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