18 DIY Organization Projects Made Easy

open bath cabinet with organization
Having trouble getting -- or staying -- organized? These projects can help, with solutions for nearly every room in your house.

Baking Station

There are easy DIY ways to upgrade basic organization items to gain even more usefulness. Bookshelves or an old TV cabinet, for example, take on whole new layers of practicality when outfitted with inserts and add-ons -- here, pegboard to keep pots and pans in sight, a bar for towels, and pipes to hold wine bottles. Add baskets and hooks on the sides for additional spots to stash necessities.

Rolling Rack Mudroom

A few special touches dress up an ordinary rolling rack, eliminating the need for pricey built-ins in favor of DIY organization solutions. Choose one for your entry or mudroom that's about half the width of the space. Include fabric bins for corralling and dividing supplies. In the rest of the space, add a seat (bonus points for a small bench with hidden storage) and baskets that can be easily moved and stashed elsewhere if necessary.

Open Kitchen Storage

Open DIY organization is great for those items used often or daily. Especially in a kitchen, a shelf and a few hooks can keep glasses, bowls, and other essential pieces in view (added bonus: open storage discourages clutter). Try a combo like this one above a rolling island or next to an eat-in table or banquette.

Contained Crafts Room

Visual tricks combine with quick declutter techniques for a display-worthy collection of family-friendly supplies. To re-create this organization system in your home, focus on just two or three types of containers, and repeat materials (here, three buckets) or colors (a white caddy and white boxes). Labels help family members easily find what they need.

Running out storage space in your bedroom? Look under the bed! Old dresser drawers will turn this underutilized space into smart storage. Watch and learn how easy it is.

Underbed Storage

Transform old dresser drawers into handy underbed storage. Watch and see how easy it is.

Well-Configured Closets

Very organized closets have one common element: efficient use of every inch. Here, that means offering access at a lower height to enable kids to reach clothing on their own. However, higher spaces are useful, too, with more rods and shelves for long-term storage. To create your own well-organized closet, include a variety of storage types -- drawers, shelves, hanging rods -- and eliminate space-hogging doors; instead use fabric closures if necessary.

Office Station

Part of the fun in any DIY organization project is figuring out how to use what was once wasted space in productive, pretty ways. Here, the solution is simple: A vintage frame, a magnetic chalkboard, and a few wall-mounted canisters keep crafts and office supplies in charming order. Swap out the canisters for a larger magnetic corkboard if more display space is needed, and include a few smaller canisters to separate pens and pencils.

Command Center

Don't let transitional spaces go to waste when brainstorming DIY organization projects. Cabinet ends are a good example: Off-the-shelf office products such as bins and corkboards can add family-organizing function. Here, cubbies painted to match the cabinetry are organized by type of item to store. Keep installation to below head height for adults -- otherwise it's too difficult to access the upper reaches of the space.

Orderly Laundry Room

Part of any good DIY organization project is making sure oft-used items are in easy-access spots -- and that they stay that way. Helpful off-the-shelf products -- here, an ironing board hanger/organizer -- can help, as can baskets (divided by laundry type) and accessible storage for quickly hanging clean laundry.

Kitchen Islands

Magnets are a quick DIY organizer's best friend. They allow for flexibility and usability even in the tightest of spaces. Here, a few hooks and rails offer a great way to keep spices and utensils close at hand. Try a solution such as this in an office, too.

See how a basic, ready-to-assemble kitchen island becomes a storage dream, thanks to clever DIY add-ons and updates.

More Island Ideas

If your kitchen doesn't have a built-in island, consider a ready-to-assemble version and customize it with clever features. Watch and learn how!

Clever Crafting Station

There's no one-size-fits-all DIY organization product that can take care of everything you need. But clever reinterpretation of items can help you clear out clutter in your home. Here, office desk bins and a bathroom towel bar are painted matching colors then hung on the wall to keep track of file folders, notebooks, pens, and wrapping supplies (note the clever use of a bin/towel bar to keep wrapping paper rolls upright).

DIY Shelves

Cabinets can be pricey, particularly for spots that don't fit standard dimensions. In place of built-ins, try shallow depth, narrow width shelves -- stretched to the ceiling -- to fit around tight spots such as the fridge.

Crate Shelves

Open storage can be an easy, quick solution for boosting organization. With items on view, they're easier to access and declutter. Use them in baths for towels or bedside for books. To make these DIY shelves from crates, reinforce stapled slats on the crates with screws. Paint or finish the crates to match your decor. Then stack the crates together in the desired configuration -- make sure it has a sturdy base to support the crates above it. If you have children, use molly bolts to attach the crates to the wall.

Easy and Cute Wall Organizers

Non-sewers and sewers alike can complete either version of this sweetly charming fabric organizing set. The easier of the two -- perfect for displaying notes and reminders -- stretches a piece of fabric and narrow ribbon in a medium-size quilting hoop. Add a dab of glue to the screw-tightening mechanism to hold in place. The other two versions create pockets out of accent fabrics: Cut and sew the desired shape and size, folding over edges of pockets and topstitching. Stitch just around the edge to adhere the pockets to the background fabric; place in hoops, tighten, and add a dab of glue.

Plumbing Part Shelving

Materials from the home improvement store -- plumbing parts and lumber -- are easily transformed into contemporary DIY storage with a few simple steps. These shelves will work just about anywhere, including a bathroom.


Sliding storage offers a great workaround for small cabinets, often found in bathrooms. Install staggered-width versions for better access, and keep a hanger inside the door for an oft-used travel case.

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