DIY Makeup Organizers

Are you craving a new system for keeping your makeup in order and looking uncluttered? We've pulled together a range of ideas that will give the organization and display of your brushes, compacts, and cotton balls a fresh new face.

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    Secretary Desk Makeup Organization

    Make the process of putting on your makeup an extra sophisticated part of your day by stowing the essentials in an antique secretary desk. The hidden compartments tuck utilitarian items out of sight, while glass jars show off your prettier toiletries.

    Image: The Makerista

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    Vanity On Wheels

    For an on-the-go option, consider incorporating something with wheels into storage setup. This three-tiered vanity cart pulls out, then easily pushes aside. Plus, it provides plenty of good storage space for all of your accouterments.

    Image: Polka Dot Chair

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    Clear Containers Show It All

    Those clear acrylic organizers that you keep in your office can easily be repurposed in the bathroom. Simply fill the divided areas with your makeup brushes, lipstick, and eye liner. The see-through finish allows the display to take up as little visual space as possible.

    Image: Glitter Guide

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    Group in Glass Jars

    Try grouping makeup items in identical containers, such as these rows of chrome-top jars. This trick quickly brings order to chaos when organizing, and it also provides a system that will add order to your daily makeup routine, too.

    Image: Quite Quaint

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    Stenciled Watercolor Makeup Pouch

    If you prefer to stow your makeup out of sight, there are nearly endless ways to do so in style. For this option, start with a plain canvas makeup bag that has a zipper closure, and add customized personality to the outside with markers, paint, or letter appliques.

    Image: Pitter & Glink

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    Leather Makeup Brush Holder

    Makeup brushes often have the tendency of overcrowding traditional makeup bags. Give them their own special place by incorporating a roll-up holder in your vanity. It's easy to pack and keeps bristled brushes from getting damaged among your compacts and lipstick tubes.

    Image: Hello Natural

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    Concealed Basket Storage

    If bathroom space is tight, try concealing your makeup in a decorative basket that can be left out in the open on a wall shelf. No one but you will know that the pretty basket actually works double time as valuable toiletry storage.

    Image: Glitter Guide

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    Set on a Silver Platter

    When utilitarian trays just won't cut it, swap them out for antique silver platters instead. This contains your makeup to a defined zone so it remains under control, while the elegant finish and silhouette hides the fact that the piece is hard at work organizing your beauty tools.

    Image: Style Within Reach

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    Mason Jar Organizer

    What if, between the soap dispenser and toothbrush holder, you just don't have any more counter space? Think upwards, and add a wall-mounted organization system. This wood and Mason jar rack holds cotton balls, cotton swabs, makeup brushes, spectacles, and more. Just think of the possibilities!

    Image: The DIY Playbook

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