DIY Jewelry Organizers

Dip Dyed Antler Display
If you're one who can't say no to pretty jewelry, then you need a creative way to show off your best pieces when they're not being worn. These simple DIY jewelry organizers give your baubles a pretty and practical place to land.

Industrial Pipe Jewelry Organizer

When considering your next jewelry organizer, try thinking outside the box. This industrial pipe holder is on-trend and packs double the storage capacity. Pipes up high hold dangly necklaces, while a lower pipe is perfectly suited for bracelets.

Image: Making Home Base

Repurposed Hanger Jewelry Organizer

Give wooden hangers new life as display-worthy jewelry organizers. Simply paint the hangers in your favorite colors and add hooks or drapery rings (the kind that snap apart) to the rungs for easy and stylish jewelry organization.

Image: Our Joyful Home

Marker Decorated Ring Dish

Try laying your favorite rings and stud earrings in a dainty decorative dish. This once plain dish was embellished with a marker to create the decorative floral design.

Image: Pitter & Glink

Gold Tower Ring Holder

Make your own ring storage vessel by affixing a tall, slender trinket, such as this Eiffel Tower charm, to a flat base. Choose a trinket that's slender enough for rings to easily slip on and off.

Image: Craft a Doodle Do

Canvas Necklace Holder

Jewelry is undeniably beautiful, so allow your favorite pieces to shine up on the wall, almost like artwork. Add tacks to a simple fabric-wrapped canvas and loop necklaces over the hooks.

Image: Design Improvised

Gold-Lined Tray Organizer

Trays are an easy way to corral jewelry so that tabletop surfaces don't feel overrun. You can use anything, such as a store-bought platter or serving dish, or make your own by lining a board with fabric, like this gold leather.

Image: Earnest Home Co.

Tiered Jewelry Stand

For the collector who can't get enough of jewelry and fine china, try combining both into a one-of-a-kind display. Use a strong adhesive (read the instructions to ensure it's appropriate for the surfaces you're working with) to attach plates to the top and bottom of a candlestick, and then load the plates up with jewels.

Image: The Crafted Life

Ombre Necklace Rack

Put the ombre paint trend to work organizing your go-to necklaces and bracelets. This wall-mount hook display was made using a wooden board and a dowel sliced and painted in varying shades of teal. Start with a base color and add progressive amounts of white to create the ombre effect.

Image: Any Kind

Embroidery Hoop and Lace Earring Holder

Lace is almost as feminine and beautiful as jewelry. Combine the two in a swoon worthy display by stretching a piece of your favorite lacey fabric inside an embroidery hoop, and then load it with dangly earrings.

Image: A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

Acrylic Bracelet Stand

We've seen department stores display their baubles on acrylic stands for years, so why not try it out in your space? The clear material helps reduce visual clutter and feels right at home when styled on a patterned tray.

Image: Jeremy Harwell for Glitter Inc.

Dip-Dyed Antler Display

Rethink sculptural wall art as imaginative jewelry organization. Anything that features outstretched prongs -- like this antlered deer head -- can be used to hold necklaces and bracelets. Just slip them right over the prongs.

Image: Dream Green DIY

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