Turn a Basic Cart into a Mobile Office with These Storage Hacks

Purposeful upgrades and smart storage hacks convert a basic rolling cart into a movable workstation that gets the job done—anywhere in the house. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, many of us started working from home, which required some creativity to craft the perfect office space. If you are still lugging your office equipment around your home, this mobile cart is a dream come true. Using upgrades and smart storage hacks, any basic rolling cart can be transformed into a moveable workstation. Optimize your rolling cart by adding what you need and leaving out what you don't. Sitting at your desk all day is a thing of the past with this mobile office cart that will become your new work best friend.

mobile office with laptop and tablet
Jason Donnelly

Transform a basic metal utility cart into a hardworking portable office with a few effortless add-ons. A hanging caddy keeps chargers, pens, and sticky notes within reach, while a tablet stand sets up a second screen. Magnetic canisters, clear bins, and a portable scanner mean you'll have all you need to make your nine-to-five (or five-to-nine) run smoothly.

electric plug on utility cart
Jason Donnelly

Keep cord clutter at bay with zip ties. Secure a power strip to the side of the cart with removable hook-and-loop strips, then tie down cords inconspicuously along the railing of the cart for easy access to other supplies.

brass accented white utility cart
Jason Donnelly

Keep often-used documents at the ready when you store them in a plate rack on your cart's top. Constructed from solid maple, it features four slots for filing important paperwork.

portable printer on utility cart
Jason Donnelly

At just over 2 inches tall, this low-profile printer is ideal for on-the-go printing. It operates wirelessly with a PC, laptop, or smart device—and its cable connections are fixed to one side to save space and sanity.

organic snacks in storage bin
Jason Donnelly

Feeling peckish while you're on a deadline? A dedicated snack bin means you won't even have to leave your workstation to fuel up. Stock a bin or basket with shelf-stable treats that help fuel concentration.

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Storage Cart

Wayfair utility cart
Courtesy of Wayfair

This slim rolling bar cart makes an excellent office stand-in. Raised edges on the tiered shelves keep items from sliding off while in motion, and tapered gold-tone steel legs add a touch of glam. Locking wheels offer a steady surface for work and study sessions.

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File Box

Weathertight File box
Courtesy of The Container Store

Created for long-term storage in musty attics or moist basements, this air- and watertight stackable file box is just as useful for keeping documents organized and safe from pets and coffee spills. Four locking latches and a urethane foam seal make for rugged, protective storage.

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Storage Containers

IKEA Grundtal tins
Courtesy of Ikea

Made to hold spices and kitchen sundries, these magnetic tins attach to the side of a metal cart and are ideal for corralling small necessities like paper clips or rubber bands.

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Braided Extension Cord

360 Electrical Grey Habitat Braided Extension Cord
Jay Newby

This low-profile plug makes powering up easy. Three grounded outlets and an 8-foot cord prioritize function, while a loom-woven wrap on the kink-resistant cord adds a touch of style.

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