16 Bedroom Organization Ideas to Help You Declutter

Turn chaos into calm with these top ways to declutter a bedroom.

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Are you tired of tripping over shoes and searching through stuffed shelves and drawers? Declutter your bedroom with a few quick and easy storage solutions. These bedroom organization ideas will transform a chaotic space into a sleeping sanctuary.

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Utilize Wall Space

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Bedrooms are often the designated storage area for oddly shaped items, like hats, purses, and bags, that might not fit neatly on shelves. When not stored properly, these accessories can easily be forgotten and go unused. To better evaluate and store what you have, consider hanging a series of hooks on a wall for storage that doubles as decor.

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Declutter Your Room Surfaces

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Decluttering isn't just about clearing out your closet and drawers. Decluttering of visible bedroom surfaces, such as shelves and tabletops, is just as important for creating a serene, restful space. That means paring down items on display and finding better storage solutions for pieces that tend to contribute to clutter, like keys, wallets, and jewelry.

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Take Advantage of Ceiling Space

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Areas that are out of the way can often provide unexpected storage space to help declutter the bedroom. The space near the ceiling in a closet, for example, can offer a good spot for smart decluttering strategies. Use clear containers to stash children's clothes or off-season items, then affix labels so you can quickly identify what's inside.

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Clear Out Your Dressers

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Bedroom closets tend to get lots of decluttering love and attention, but dressers can quickly become mazes of mismatched socks, worn-out T-shirts, and more. At least once a season, empty everything out of your dresser and clean the inside with a dust cloth. Then divide the storage space by function or type (all your socks in one drawer, for example). Use organization strategies inside each drawer to further sort items, like adding a narrow bin to corral all your work socks, and another for athletic socks. Another great tip to add storage space and stay organized: Roll your T-shirts, so you can quickly see the one you need without rummaging around.

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Open Up Floor Space

Bedroom with wicker basket and light on wall
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Bulky furniture can contribute to a cluttered feeling in the bedroom. For a more open look, clear off the floors and swap furniture pieces for vertical storage solutions. Instead of a bedside table or nightstand, consider mounting floating shelves next to the bed.

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Pick Pretty Containers

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Corral loose bedroom items in space-savvy fashion by stashing them in pretty containers. Choose small, lidded boxes in various sizes and place them on top of dressers or grooming spaces. They'll declutter and decorate surfaces while keeping your personal items organized.

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Pick a Multiuse Nightstand

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Bedrooms tend to be short on square footage, which means choosing pieces that fit and function well can be a challenge. To make decluttering easier, choose a nightstand that serves multiple purposes. Look for a midsize dresser with good surface space for nighttime needs, as well as lots of drawers for storage.

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Clear Out a Bedroom Work Space

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If you pay bills, create craft projects, or do any other work in the bedroom, consider creating a designated work station to keep everything organized. Add a desk to one corner, or outfit a closet as a mini home office. Then pick pretty containers for storing visible items, such as pens, pencils, and scissors, and use closed containers for paperwork and files.

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Purge Your Jewelry

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Jewelry storage can easily become a jumbled mess if you're not careful. To declutter your collection, consider tossing or donating anything you haven't worn in the past year (unless, of course, it has particular sentimental value). Take any damaged but fixable pieces to a jeweler to be repaired. Then use a strategy—such as standup necklace storage or bracelet holders with multiple prongs—to organize the remaining items and prevent them from becoming tangled or lost.

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Stash Seasonal Extras Under the Bed

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Seasonal gear, like flip-flops or winter coats, shouldn't take up valuable shelf or storage space when not needed. Instead, keep those items handy, but out of the way, with under-bed storage. Look for trundle-style beds with drawers for stashing (and decluttering) sweaters, shoes, coats, and more. For a platform bed, use matching baskets or decorative containers that are pretty enough to be on display.

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Scout Out Square Footage

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When you look at something in your bedroom every day (like the closet), it's hard to notice areas that might be wasted or need a good decluttering. For a fresh perspective, try this trick: Take some photos of your closet from different angles (from a distance and up close), then take a close look. Identify where the clutter congregates and which corners or wall surfaces aren't being employed to their full potential. The back of a door is one spot to consider for added storage. This works well for organizing immediate wardrobe needs, like the next day's ensemble, or everyday items, such as makeup or jewelry.

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DIY Under-Bed Storage

For extra under-bed organization, consider repurposing unused or thrift store furniture pieces. We transformed an old set of dresser drawers into a clever storage solution. Watch this video to see how it's done.

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Try a Wardrobe Wall

Closet with curtain
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When a full walk-in closet remodel isn't an option, consider adding a wardrobe wall to your bedroom. You can either build out a wall to include an opening, or install moveable pieces that offer plenty of storage and organization. To save square feet, consider enclosing the wardrobe wall with a curtain rather than doors.

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Use Uniform Baskets

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Stowing odds and ends (like extra blankets or out-of-season shoes) in storage baskets can quickly help you declutter your bedroom. For a choesive look, choose baskets in the same material and shape, then add labels so you can identify the stored items. This strategy helps reduce visual clutter, which makes for a more calming bedroom decor.

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Use Drawer Dividers

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Small items, including makeup brushes, lotions, notebooks, and pens, often need a spot close to your bed or in your dressing area. But lots of little objects can equal a lot of bedroom clutter. To keep the chaos at bay, use small containers or drawer dividers inside your nightstand or dresser. Clear out the contents at least twice a year, getting rid of anything that's expired (like makeup) or appears in multiples.

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Donate Clothing

Organized closet with jackets, shirts, and shoes
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Clothing is a huge source of clutter in a bedroom, but emotional attachments to certain pieces can make purging your closet a difficult task. As a good rule of thumb, it's probably time to donate anything you haven't worn in the last year. For clothing that's worn, ill-fitting, or needs repair, make a trip to a tailor or get rid of it. If you're in doubt about what to keep or toss, ask a friend or family member to serve as a clothing judge.

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