Creative Nightstand Storage Ideas

DIY Underbed Storage
Boring bedside tables be gone! These DIY twists on traditional nightstands boost storage in a day or less. Try our options for inventive shelving, display ideas, and more!

Stick 'Em Up

Pegboards aren't just for the garage anymore. Painted in a pretty hue, they're perfect for bedroom storage. To hang, use 1x2s to create a frame behind the pegboard. Then insert hooks of various types to display bags, accessories, and baskets of beauty products and electronics.

Slide and Stow

Stacked books are attractive, but the bottom titles are always difficult to reach. Instead, stow favorite reads upright inside a desktop file sorter for quick access at bedtime.

Add Character

Contrast the utilitarian look of pegboard with a few heirlooms or vintage finds. Here, a well-used cutting board is wrapped in twine and outfitted with a clip to hold a photo.

Grab and Groom

Drop your favorite cosmetics or nail polishes in a small produce basket and dangle from hooks. The convenient hanging spot gives easy access to all your faves.

Stay Connected

Wake up to a full phone battery with a dedicated charging station. Drill a hole in a plastic pencil cup, slide onto a hook, and stow a phone or music player inside while charging.

Keep a small bedroom organized with these smart tricks for adding storage to even the tightest of sleeping quarters.

Boost a Small Bedroom

Maximizing space in the smallest of sleeping quarters just got easier. Use these tips to upgrade your small bedroom's storage capacity.

Stool Nightstand

Transform an industrial stool into a creative nightstand. Choose a mattress-height stool (this one features adjustable legs) that can serve as a tabletop for an alarm clock and other personal items. 

Lighten Up

A clip-on reading lamp is a simple, low-commitment substitute for a traditional wall sconce. Choose a brightly colored one with a padded clip to prevent scratches on the stool back.

Stay Put

Place a plastic or ceramic dish atop the stool to keep small items -- a pair of earrings or lip balm -- from rolling to the floor. The dish also doubles as a way to add pattern and color to the simple stool.

Add Storage

Perch a wooden shelf atop the metal footrest to provide space for art essentials or other hobby materials. Be sure to pick a shelf that is at least as wide as the footrest (we went even wider to add interest to the display).

Drop It

A floor bin organizes heavy items like books, sketch pads, and planners (this bin is actually a melamine party bowl!). The open top makes finding and grabbing contents simple.

Change It Up

When you're really strapped for space, transform a desk into your new side table. Hung on the wall, kitchen utensil trays work wonders as mini shelves. Narrow bud vases cluster office supplies, makeup brushes, and jewelry.

Hang Tight

Necklaces, bracelets, and even scissors become works of art when hung inside shelves with removable hooks. Jewelry stays untangled, and office supplies find homes in other designated spots.

Stow and Go

Use plastic caddies to keep office supplies, cosmetics, and personal care products organized within drawers -- and off countertops. Votive candleholders keep clips and other tiny accessories from running away. 

Get Creative

When floor space is limited, rely on a rolling cabinet as an auxiliary work space. Fill the drawers with both files and personal items to pull double duty in your small space.

Half Switch

Solve your storage problems on the other side of the bed with built-in colorful shelves. Floating shelves with baskets can function like a mini chest of drawers when floor space is at a minimum.

Filed Away

Keep purse in tip-top condition by filing them individually in bamboo organizers arranged inside a tray or patterned box lid. Display the arrangement on a shelf for a beautiful and practical storage solution.

Stay Put

Keep delicate or breakable items from sliding off shallow shelves by constructing custom storage. Here, two 1x2s sandwiches together form the base of the nail polish shelf, while a 1x3 serves as a protective lip. Below, brushes are easy to access in a vase filled with glass stones.

Show Off

Stowing necklaces and bracelets in boxes makes it difficult to see your inventory. Instead, display them on decorative hooks next to the shelving (color coordinate with your favorite jewelry for added appeal).

Running out storage space in your bedroom? Look under the bed! Old dresser drawers will turn this underutilized space into smart storage. Watch and learn how easy it is.

Bonus: DIY Underbed Storage

Running out of space in your bedroom? Transform a castoff drawer into underbed storage with these easy ideas.

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