Clever Storage Solutions You'd Never Expect

Everyday household items can be used in more ways than you think. Here are some unexpected items that provide perfect storage space.

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    Paint Can Organization

    Tuck mittens and scarves into wall-mounted paint cans to keep them neat and easily accessible for the whole family. It's a great way to get organized and recycle old cans!

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    Glass Organizers

    Decorative glass containers are ideal holdalls for small items in the bathroom, office, or kitchen. They're the perfect size to store small scoops, tea bags, and muffin cups.

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    Shower Caddy Gift-Wrap Organization

    Wall-mount a shower caddy for the perfect gift-wrapping center. Store cards and stationery on the shelves. Attach ribbon to a mesh container and hang it from one of the hooks to store pens and pencils. Rest wrapping paper on the bottom shelf and hang scissors from a hook.

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    Shoe Box Storage

    Find fabrics quickly and effortlessly by storing them in plastic shoe box storage containers. They're the perfect size to easily organize quilters' fat quarters fabrics and other sewing supplies.

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    Ribbon Storage

    Use a hand-towel rack to easily store ribbon spools. Unscrew the caps on either side to slide on the spools; the caps keep them from sliding off. Let the coils neatly fall into the base.

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    Pillowcase Garment Bags

    Use pillowcase garment bags as extra closet organizers. Drape pillowcases on hangers over occasional-use items, such as throws, seasonal bedding, and formal dresses.

    Get the look: Slit the seamed end of pretty pillowcases, apply liquid stitching adhesive, and cover the opening with coordinating bias tape, available at most sewing supplies stores.

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    Portable Storage

    Stash a journal, reading glasses, and CDs in a shower caddy to create portable storage space. Tote your calming essentials anywhere in the house.

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    Toothbrush Holder to Pencil Organizer

    Think outside the box and turn regular bathroom organization into home office storage. Use a decorative toothbrush holder for writing utensils and let a soap dish store business cards and other small items.

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    Towel Racks for Sweaters

    Avoid hanger-induced bumps by draping sweaters over a towel stand, using the extra space below for shoes. The rack fits under hanging clothes for perfect closet organization.

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    Home Office Storage

    Store and display small office supplies, such as paper clips and pushpins, in these hanging glass bulbs. Simply unscrew the bulb from the lid and throw in your supplies for easy storage.

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    Forks as Storage Solutions

    For a unique and organized display, attach decorative vintage forks to the wall to hold tickets, receipts, and business cards.

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    Roll-Away Storage

    Store all your liquor and drink-making ingredients on a rolling cart to bartend anytime, anywhere. Compartments and hanging racks for glasses make things easily accessible and within reach.

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    Shutter to Declutter

    An old discarded shutter is a perfect family communications center. Replace the top slats with corkboard and sort mail in the bottom slats.

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    Shutters as Umbrella Storage

    Convert old shutters into a one-of-a-kind umbrella stand.

    Get the look: Find two matching sets of shutters and hinge them together. Add a board bottom. Stand the shutters upright, and they're ready to store your umbrellas.

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    Unique Coat Rack

    Mounted hangers serve as a unique coat rack for easy entryway organization. Attach sawed-off wooden hangers to a board by screwing them in through the back. Add heavy-duty picture hangers to the back of the board for mounting on the wall. Throw hats on top and hang purses and coats on the hangers' hooks.

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    Game Organization

    Drawer organizers do more than organize your desk -- they're perfect for keeping game pieces separated. Keep chess pieces, checkers, and dominos separate and you'll never have to throw away a game because of missing pieces again.

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    Handy Remote Control Storage

    Avoid having to search for remote controls under couch cushions by making a little wooden crate to keep them close at hand. Fasten the crate to the side of a table near your couch for easy reach.

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    Hidden Outlet

    Install an outlet inside a panel on your counter for extra kitchen storage. If there is enough room, tuck your cords inside when not in use to keep them neat and your counter tidy.

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