Can You Guess the Hidden Storage Spots in this Kitchen?

These eight functional and attractive hidden storage ideas make sure you don't waste a single inch of your kitchen, no matter how large or small.

1. Below-Oven Storage

If your oven doesn't include a built-in drawer, you can create functional storage by capitalizing on the space in the toe-kick by incorporating a shallow drawer.

2. Deep Corner Pantry

This concept is perfect for an awkward corner with deep cabinets. A slide-out pantry creates usable storage in what would have been dead space.

3. Hidden Dry-Goods Storage

What appears to be a set of drawers is actually one large unit that holds dry goods for baking. This attractive and seamless setup was a perfect DIY solution for a kitchen baking center. Get the how-to at Design Dazzle.

4. Built-In Banquette Drawer

Otherwise-wasted space beneath a banquette bench becomes a useful area to store children's crafts supplies. When activity time is over, the crayons and paints can be neatly stored nearby without being in the way.

5. Range Hood Storage

This range hood was created by building a shelf over a standard undercabinet vent. From the outside, it looks like a custom-built range hood, but it actually opens up. A friction lid support helps stabilize the shelf. You can re-create this look in your home by following the DIY tutorial here.

6. Paper Towel and Dishcloth Storage

This concept capitalizes on the extra space between a stove and sink to create an accessible home for paper towels and dishcloths. Whether you need to quickly wipe up a cooking spill or you're drying dishes, having the supplies right at hand but neatly tucked away provides a perfect kitchen cleanup solution.

7. Dog Feeding Station

This storage idea solves a common kitchen dilemma for pet owners. Rather than having bowls and a bulky container crowding floor space, this dog food storage solution can be brought out for Fido during mealtime, then tucked neatly away once finished.

8. Range Spice Storage

What could have been empty space within the supports for a range hood becomes a convenient and attractive place to store spices. When you are cooking, you can simply grab a spice and quickly tuck it away again out of sight.

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