22 Under-Sink Storage Ideas to Bring Order to Your Cabinets

cleaning supplies under sink
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The cabinet under your sink is an ideal spot to store daily-use items, cleaning supplies, and more. To utilize this space to the fullest, bring in a few simple add-ons and smart containers that boost organization and convenience. Apply these under-sink storage ideas to streamline your bathroom, kitchen, and mudroom.

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Compartmentalize Open Cabinets

metal bin storage under sink
Carson Downing

Drawers and baskets offer more organizing potential than open cabinet space. Bring in storage units that allow you to separate items under your sink. On one side of this bathroom vanity, a two-drawer organizer stores surplus toilet paper, extra soap, and shaving products. Stacked mesh baskets on the other side sort cleaning and first-aid supplies.

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Use Hooks for Behind-the-Door Storage

metal hangers for rag storage
Carson Downing

Make use of the blank surface on the other side of the cabinet door. A set of hooks can keep hand towels within reach or hold small beauty tools. Look for hooks with removable, self-adhesive backing to avoid damage to your cabinet doors.

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Categorize Items with Labels

metal bin organization under sink
Carson Downing

Assign items to categories and sort them into labeled drawers. In this multi-level storage unit, cotton swabs fill the first shallow drawer, and sample-size beauty products populate the second. A deep third drawer holds travel bags with airline-approved containers. Labels tell which items go where at a glance.

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Corral Hair Tools

hair dryer with plastic holder on cabinet door
Carson Downing

Employ under-sink storage ideas to provide easy access to frequently used beauty tools, such as a hairdryer. This acrylic organizer hangs over the cabinet door, keeping the hairdryer and cord out of the way but close at hand. Be sure to install the organizer high enough to avoid other cabinet contents.

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Work Around Plumbing

bin organization under sink
Carson Downing

Under-sink cabinet space is often limited because of plumbing. Work around obstacles with simple storage solutions that easily slide beneath or alongside pipes. Here, a short mesh basket stows lotion bottles and a mini basket filled with hair-grooming staples. Handles make it simple to pull out and grab what you need.

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Store Cleaning Supplies Under the Sink

cleaning supplies under sink
Michael Partenio

Under-sink storage is ideal for stashing cleaning supplies right where you'll need them. Stock a basket or tray with spray cleaners, paper towels or microfiber cloths, disinfectant wipes, brushes, sponges, and other essentials to keep your sink and countertop sparkling. Line the bottom of woven baskets with shelf liners to prevent spills or moisture from cleaning tools from seeping down to the cabinet's surface.

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Put Pullouts to Use

Undersink bathroom space open cabinet
Jay Wilde

Bring order to a voluminous cabinet with under-sink storage solutions that extend outward when needed. Arrange gear on a two-tier shelf with pullout drawers. The narrow top shelf glides past plumbing and allows space on the lower level for tall items.

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Repurpose Kitchen Organizers

Make up organization
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Repurpose kitchen organizers to sort personal gear under the bathroom sink. In this under-sink caddy, a wire wine holder cools a curling iron and a ceramic egg container stops jewelry tangles. Line the trays of a tiered pullout with a rubber shelf liner cut to size, which helps acrylic boxes stay in place and tall bottles remain standing.

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Install Hooks

hanger adhesive hook
Jay Wilde

Make the most of every inch of available space under your bathroom sink with vanity-area add-ons. Here, a simple adhesive hook and clothes hanger provide hanging space for a cosmetics bag inside the cabinet door. This creative under-sink storage idea keeps the bag open and in place, so you can easily grab a single item inside or retrieve the whole bag.

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Illuminate Dark Spaces

adhesive under cabinet lighting LED
Jay Wilde

Find your way in the dark with adhesive under-cabinet lighting. A simple tap turns these small LED lights on and off, making every corner visible. Place as many as you need along the sides or top of the cabinet area to illuminate contents below.

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Keep Small Items in Check

under-sink bins organize
Jay Wilde

Hide the chaos of unruly hair accessories and sample packets in small photo files or under-sink bins. Here, narrow drawers are ideal for corralling small miscellaneous items. Hand-penned labels announce the items in each petite drawer, and the solid structure creates a shelf for extra washcloths and soaps.

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Sort and Display

Under-sink storage solutions organize
Jay Wilde

Choose under-sink storage solutions that are appropriately sized for small items. Desktop organizers, which are designed to sort paper clips, pens, and other bits, often work well in the bathroom, for example. Group similar items, such as your mani and pedi supplies, in one portable mail sorter.

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Assign Everything a Place

acrylic utensil tray scrub brushes
Jay Wilde

Take an inventory of your needs to determine the shapes and sizes of the cleaning products you must store. In this under-sink area, an acrylic utensil tray sorts scrub brushes and replacement heads. A metal silverware caddy stores gloves, brushes, and sponges that need to move with you as you clean. Rolls of garbage bags are secure in wine bins designed for the refrigerator.

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Maximize Under-Sink Space

sink storage sponges
Jay Wilde

Maximize the top half of the cabinet box. Stacked storage smartly fills this space under the kitchen sink, allowing some items to slide underneath and others to perch on top. Tightly sealed plastic bins keep sponges from drying out, while airtight containers keep dishwashing pods moisture-free.

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Use Risers

three-tier riser under sink storage
Jay Wilde

Create mini layers with a three-tier riser. Push the shelf all the way to the back of the cupboard to get the most of every inch of space, and position bottles so all labels are easy to read. Don't forget to outfit your under-sink area with a wipeable vinyl shelf liner for cleanliness and a splash of pattern.

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Think Creatively

DIY under-sink storage garbage bags
Jay Wilde

Consider how organizers designed for other areas can work as under-sink storage ideas. These refrigerator wine bins, for example, are just the right size for rolls of garbage bags. The stackable design maximizes space and accessibility.

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Utilize Cabinet Doors

over door bar cabinet storage
Jay Wilde

Introduce function to cabinet doors. A slim over-the-door bar makes for easy organization that won't damage your cabinet. This under-sink storage idea keeps spare hand towels within reach for a quick cleanup.

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Divide Up Space

airtight containers organized supply cabinet
Jay Wilde

Divide and conquer the under-sink cabinet space based on specific duties. In this mudroom cabinet, frequently used laundry supplies are up front, sending overstock and less-used items to the back. A decorative pail gathers spot-removers, while detergents are most efficient in tall, airtight containers. Postwash supplies wait on a lazy Susan.

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Incorporate Pet Storage

pet storage supplies
Jay Wilde

Keep pet supplies hidden but still handy in the under-sink area. Toys, leashes, treats, and pet shampoos huddle in an under-sink bin, making them a breeze to find. The labeled bin rests on a wire riser in the back of the cabinet for grab-and-go convenience.

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Ensure Easy Access

cleaner storage cluster
Jay Wilde

Easy access is essential for under-sink storage. Stash gear in clusters and kits so everything is easy to find. Try grouping laundry items on a turntable to ensure quick access in a prime location.

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Add a Message Board

message board dry erase
Jay Wilde

Enlist a message board for important reminders. A magnetic dry-erase board mounted inside a cabinet door ensures no laundry tip or care request goes unnoticed. Use magnets to attach stain-removal guides and other helpful info.

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Rework Hanging Organizers

under sink storage container
Jay Wilde

Look up for surprise organizing opportunities. This plastic shower caddy normally hangs vertically, but it functions well on its side, keeping daily dog supplies within reach. The suction cups adhere effortlessly to the underside of a utility sink.

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