Creative Built-In Storage Solutions for Every Room

Looking for a surefire way to boost your home's storage capacity? Built-in units can blend style and function in almost any space. Take a cue from these creative built-in storage ideas and find inspiration for every room in your home.

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    A Place for Everyone


    Cut down on entryway clutter by giving each family member a personalized drop zone for coats, hats, bags, and more. This built-in unit combines open cubbies with closed cabinetry for stowing seasonal accessories out of sight. The base of the cabinet extends outward to create a bench that's perfect for putting on and taking off shoes.

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    Style Meets Function


    If your entryway borrows space from a main living area, enlist solutions that double as both storage and display. This spacious unit boasts plenty of space for jackets, shoes, and bags, as well as open shelving for books and decor. Two small window seats offer convenient perches to put on shoes or to relax with a good book.

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    Double Duty


    These days, entryways multitask as both landing zones and relaxing escapes. A built-in bench, outfitted with large drawers to stow away shoes, bags, and seasonal items, doubles as a cozy reading nook in an unused corner by the stairs.

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    The Great Divide

    Living Room

    A strategically placed bookcase doubles as a room divider in this multilevel living room. The unit offers storage and display space for a host of items and also separates the living space from the narrow hallway beyond. Windows atop the unit keep the small living space from feeling cramped and allow views to pass freely between the two spaces.

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    Living Room

    Floor-to-ceiling units in this living room create a stunning frame for a sun-drenched window seat. The built-ins boast open shelving that showcases books, family photos, and storage baskets filled with kid-friendly items. Closed cabinets below house board games, puzzles, and more.

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    Entertainment Station

    Living Room

    Get your home ready for its close-up with a built-in entertainment unit. This system offers closed cabinetry for small items such as movies and games, as well as open shelving to display a large television and colorful collectibles and decor. Pullout shelves allow easy access to items tucked away in the back of the cabinets.

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    The Ultimate Mudroom

    Store and organize your family and pet gear in a stylish mudroom that combines clever storage solutions with a laundry center and home office.

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    Built-In Beauty

    Dining Room

    Vintage style meets modern amenities in this cheery dining room. A recessed hutch nods to the home's Victorian Era roots, keeping dishware within easy reach. Drawers below the glass-front cabinet offer storage space for table linens, cloth napkins, and serving pieces.

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    Seating & Storage

    Dining Room

    Banquette seating provides a stylish and functional alternative to ordinary dining chairs. A built-in bench takes advantage of a bright corner in this home and provides ample seating for family dinners and gatherings with friends. Deep drawers below the seat offer storage space for table linens and formal serving pieces.

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    Serving Up Style

    Dining Room

    A curved wall niche was cleverly repurposed into a serving buffet in this small-space dining room. The lower shelf offers room to set up a food or drink station, while upper shelves display decorative glassware and collectibles. Cabinetry below houses table linens, serving platters, and other dining room necessities.

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    Wine & Dine


    An island is a surefire way to boost kitchen storage capacity. This island, which is outfitted with cabinet and drawer space for kitchen essentials, comes complete with a cubby-style wine rack. With slots for up to 15 wine bottles, the addition ensures this home will never come up short while entertaining.

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    Book Nook


    Keep cookbooks on hand in the kitchen with a small built-in bookshelf. This bookshelf makes use of an awkward space left over from the addition of an icemaker. The simple addition frees up cabinet space that would ordinarily be lost to an expansive cookbook collection.

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    All the Right Angles


    Don't let an awkward kitchen layout stand in the way of finding efficient storage solutions. The angled wall in this kitchen proved to be a design challenge, but a built-in window seat outfitted with drawers offers an approach that's both functional and stylish. The drawers below the seat are used to store table linens, serving platters, and seasonal dishware.

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    Living Large


    Built-in bookshelves and a window seat boost wall storage without gobbling up floor space in this small master bedroom. Closed cabinets on the lower portion of the built-ins conceal extra bedding and a television, while open shelving above displays books and decor.

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    Oddly shaped attic bedrooms call for creative storage solutions. A dresserlike built-in makes use of a short wall that would ordinarily have been left unused. The top of the built-in provides display space for small accessories and jewelry, while a blend of drawers and open shelves below offers storage for clothing and books.

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    Sunny Storage


    This bedroom's built-in window seat does more than just offer a cozy, sun-soaked place to relax. A niche cut between wall studs forms a tiny bookshelf that's perfect for young readers' growing collections. Drawers below the seat carve out extra storage space.

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    Kid's Room

    Make the most of your child's bedroom with a basic built-in shelving system that can evolve with their storage needs. Books and toys on lower shelves are easy for children to reach, while collections on higher shelves stay safely put. The spacious middle compartment could even be repurposed later in life for use as a study spot.

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    Getting Schooled

    Kid's Room

    Although a built-in seems like an expensive investment for your child's bedroom, it's likely that it will be well worth the money in the long run. This built-in desk comes complete with a series of cubbies that offer storage space for an expansive collection of books. A cabinet located below the desk can be used to stow away school supplies and other items that often clutter the desktop.

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    Smart Storage

    Creative storage solutions make the most of a small kid's bedroom. A sunny window seat offers room to read and relax, while drawers below provide stowaway space for out-of-season clothing and spare bed linens. A built-in bookshelf makes clever use of an empty corner and provides plenty of space for books, games, and favorite photos.

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    Creative Cabinets


    Carve out wall space for recessed cabinetry to make the most of a small bathroom. This storage-packed unit boasts six cabinets that offer stowaway space for a host of bathroom essentials, such as soaps, towels, and toiletries. The ribbed-glass-front cabinets keep the small bathroom feeling light and airy.

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    Convenience Is Key


    A handy storage niche cut between wall studs provides a clever sink-side storage solution in this small bathroom. Two shelves are home to decorative storage baskets filled with hand towels and toiletries, while the upper shelf plays host to decorative soaps and perfume bottles.

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    Modern Amenities


    Floating cabinetry offers ample drawer storage and helps this modern bathroom look visually light. A cozy window seat set between the two vanities offers another a deep drawer that doubles as seating for dressing and grooming each morning.

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