Bedroom Tour: Storage Secrets in a Romantic Bedroom Suite

This romantic bedroom shows that with a little planning and smart choices, it's possible to have a place for every sheet, shoe, shirt, and shoulder bag.

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Although not an obvious bedroom storage solution, the most dramatic part of this space--the fabric--has a prominent role in keeping the space neat. Underneath delicate layers of bedding hides oodles of space for storing seldom-used or seasonal items. The canopy's dramatic fabric spray can also hide doors or shelves.

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Bedroom Nightstand

Well-selected furniture has a big impact on bedroom organization. An armoire can hold extra clothing or a TV. Even small furnishings can make a difference. A nightstand with drawers or shelves can store private belongings, as well as nightly reading materials.

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Hallway Storage

Otherwise unusable space, such as a hallway, becomes storage central when properly planned. A built-in dresser corrals folding clothes and undergarments that are not well-suited to a closet. A freestanding dresser or armoire could handle similar needs.

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Built-In Wall Storage

Because the bedroom is a great place to read, favorite books should be stored nearby. This bookcase balances the long built-in unit that runs along the bedroom wall. A freestanding bookshelf or small wall-mount ledge can do the same trick.

Sometimes the best storage solutions are the kind you don't see. A bench seat offers shoe storage and a perch for putting them on. Under-seat storage can be used to keep nearly any item out of sight.

Many people consider a television in the bedroom a necessary evil. But it's an evil that doesn't always need to be seen. Here, the TV hides behind the curtain-clad doors of a built-in armoire. Televisions can also be kept in pop-up custom units, atop chests, or in freestanding armoires or bookcases.

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Built-In Dresser

Decide your exact needs before trying to store your clothes and bedroom belongings--then build storage to suit those needs. A custom, built-in dresser will keep bed linens, folded garments, and accessories in place. This organizer also provides display space for family photos, watches, music boxes, or other private treasures.

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Tips for Getting Organized

If your bedroom is suffering from pack-rat syndrome, follow these clutter-buster recommendations from the experts at ClosetMaid:

Spring cleaning can happen at any time of year. You wear 20 percent of your clothes 80 percent of the time--maybe now is the time to get rid of some hangers-on.

If you haven't worn it in a year, either find a less-crowded spot to store it or donate it to charity. Sentimental favorites (i.e. prom dresses) needn't occupy valuable space.

If an item has been waiting six months to be cleaned, mended, or partnered, it's a lost cause. You'll likely never wear it again.

Out-of-season items can be stored under a bed, in an attic, or in a relatively inaccessible space, such as hard-to-reach closet shelves or behind a canopy.

Follow these organization ideas, and your bedroom--like this one--can go from cluttered to calm.

From Simply Perfect&reg Storage magazine.

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