26 Bedroom Storage Solutions for a More Organized Sleeping Space

bedroom hidden storage cabinets and drawers
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Less clutter in the bedroom means more room for reading, relaxing, and sleeping. Turn a cluttered space into a calming refuge with these bedroom storage ideas. We'll show you how to utilize DIY storage projects, custom solutions, and products like baskets and bins for the ultimate bedroom organization.

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DIY Bedside Storage

Bedroom with box shelves on wall
Greg Scheidemann

Build your own bedside solution with this DIY bedroom storage idea. Instead of a traditional nightstand, mount wooden boxes on the wall next to your bed to act as a table surface and shelves. Use trays and lidded storage boxes to corral loose items on the open shelves. Slide a basket under the arrangement to make the most of storage space.

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Seating with Storage

light green end-of-bed storage bench
Brie Passano

An upholstered bench at the end of the bed is a smart and stylish bedroom storage idea. Choose one with a lidded top and use the interior space to store extra blankets and out-of-season clothing away from sight but within easy reach. The plush seat cushion creates a cozy perch for putting on socks and shoes in the morning.

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Semi-Built-In Storage

bedroom hidden storage cabinets and drawers
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Customize store-bought floor-to-ceiling storage units to feign a built-in, wall-to-wall look. Outfit the units with new doors and hardware for a personalized touch. Before permanently securing, assemble the entire cabinetry system and stack the units against the wall to check the fit.

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Closet Complement

white built-in drawers and cabinets with tv
Helen Norman

If your bedroom lacks a closet (or you're simply running out of rack space), add a built-in storage solution. Opt for units with tall, open interior spaces so you can easily hang long clothing items like dresses and pants. Designate upper cabinet space for less frequently used items like out-of-season shoes or extra blankets.

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Space-Savvy Shelving

bedside gradient orange colored floating shelves
The Wilde Project

This storage idea works great in small bedrooms where floor space is at a premium. Hang floating shelves on the wall next to your bed to function as a minimalist shelving unit and bedside table. Before mounting, paint the shelves in a gradient of shades for an extra splash of color.

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Multipurpose Furniture

white desk vanity
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Desks aren't just useful in office spaces. Introduce one into your bedroom for use as a nightstand or a makeup vanity. If you plan to use the desk for your grooming routine, mount a mirror on the wall above.

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Bedroom Built-Ins

Bedroom with white cabinets and TV
Paul Dyer

Large, bulky furniture can make a bedroom feel crowded. For a more streamlined look, incorporate clever built-ins to eliminate the need for other bedroom storage pieces like dressers and armoires. Opt for a combination of open shelves, cabinet doors, and drawers of various sizes to accommodate all types of clothing and other items you need to store.

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Bedside Upgrade

white bedroom with velvet throw, flokati stool and ornate silver frame
Ed Gohlich

Small bedside tables work well for bedrooms with limited space, but larger primary bedrooms can handle a larger furniture piece. Place a dresser next to the bed for even more bedroom storage capacity. Add a table lamp and mount a mirror or artwork above to balance the scale.

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Build Around

White shelving headboard
Miki Duisterhof

Utilize the space around the head of your bed for storage. Configure the shelves and cabinets to suit your storage needs. Here, a lower cabinet has a flat table surface that serves as a nightstand, and plenty of shelves keep books, bedtime necessities, and decorative objects on display.

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Ladder-Style Shelving

bedside white ladder shelves
Michael Garland

Store a variety of items near your bedside with a ladder-style shelving unit. Open shelves with varying depths allow you to store different-sized objects including alarm clocks, trinkets and decor, and extra blankets. This bedroom storage idea also provides more height than a traditional bedside table, which allows more space for storing larger items.

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Easy Open Shelving

white bedside table with drawers and shelf
The Wilde Project

Create an open shelf space simply by removing the bottom drawer in your bedside table. Use this open area for storing frequently used items within easy reach. Alternatively, this is a great place to display small trinkets and decorations.

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Multipurpose Work Space

white wall-mounted fold-out desk
Adam Albright Photography

Employ a wall-mounted work station as bedroom storage for jewelry and miscellaneous items. Use the interior cabinet space to store a variety of small items like necklaces and office supplies. A fold-out desktop provides a quick spot for you to get work done and then folds back up to keep your storage space hidden.

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Accessories on Display

necklaces on large white hooks mounted on dresser side
Bryan E. McCay

Rather than tucking accessories away in a jewelry box, install hooks on the side of a dresser or bedside table for a quick way to store and display jewelry. Turn the hooks on their sides instead of installing them upright. This provides more space for bracelets or necklaces and prevents them from getting tangled.

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Show-and-Tell Tower

thin white floor-to-ceiling vertical cabinet
Jay Wilde

A customized storage tower is an ideal storage solution for kids' bedrooms. The cabinet on the bottom half allows you to store frequently used items within reach but out of the way. Use the upper shelves as a display case to show off treasured belongings.

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Hidden Storage

patterned fabric storage box with white blanket
Marty Baldwin

Create a comfy seating area with this bedroom storage idea. Add a trunk-like ottoman (or two!) to store linens and extra blankets. Choose pieces with a durable fabric so you can get comfortable and put your feet up while reading a book or sipping on morning coffee.

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Headboard Convenience

suede beige headboard with hidden storage shelf
The Wilde Project

Tap into unused space with a headboard filled with convenient bedside storage. The front panel of this headboard flips up to reveal shelving for extra blankets and out-of-season clothing. When the panel is closed, the top ledge of the headboard is perfect for housing bedtime necessities and books.

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Under-Bed Storage

wicker bins under bed
Atlantic Archives

Beneath the bed is the go-to place for storing rarely-worn clothing and extra linens. Keep dust bunnies away from your under-bed storage with shallow wicker or canvas boxes. These smart containers have handles on each side, making them easy to grab and transport as needed.

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Seasonal Stowaways

clear shoe storage box with lid

Rolling plastic bins are perfect for hiding out-of-season clothing, accessories, and shoes under the bed. Label the top or sides of each container with removable stickers to ensure items stay in their designated homes. Old dresser drawers or crates can also be adapted for under-bed storage. Attach a set of casters to make them easy to slide, and add pulls to give you something to grab.

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gray dressers on either side of fireplace
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Give your bedroom storage a boost with an extra dresser. If you have mismatched or secondhand dressers, transform them into a cohesive pair by painting both pieces the same color. For even more stylish continuity, replace the knobs with matching drawer pulls.

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Stately Storage

light blue secretary with chair
John Bessler Photography

An elegant secretary can add antique flair to a bedroom while also contributing plenty of storage. Drawers hold items such as books and spare linens, and the desk portion serves as a cozy writing spot. Give a flea market find a quick update with a fresh coat of paint and pretty drawer pulls.

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Relocated Credenza

eclectic bedroom with gallery wall and florals

Usually relegated to dining rooms, a credenza proves just as useful in a bedroom. Top the unit with pretty accessories, a jewelry box, or a lamp. Hang a mirror above the credenza to create a beautiful dressing table. Use the inside to hold items like books and purses.

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Timeless Armoires


Tried-and-true bedroom storage units such as armoires remain popular for a reason. A large armoire can store a variety of items including a bedroom TV, linens, clothing, or accessories. Use the top as a shelf to display decorative objects like baskets and potted houseplants.

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Wall-Mount Bedside Shelf

Floating Night Stand

When organizing your bedroom, the bedside table is a great place to start. Use this area to store only the bare necessities, like an alarm clock and a small collection of books or magazines. Instead of placing a nightstand on the floor, consider mounting a shelf on the wall or integrating it into your headboard to give yourself an out-of-the-way storage spot.

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Small-Space Storage

bedside wall nook with white floating shelves
Edmund Barr

When there's no space for a nightstand, substitute a recessed wall niche for bedside storage. To build this yourself, carve out space between wall studs, drywall the niche, and install shelves. Use this area to store books, decor, and other bedside necessities.

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Bedside Library

bedside table with multiple shallow drawers
Robert Brinson

Love keeping a library of books by your bed? Try a bedside table with multiple shallow drawers to house volumes of your favorite nighttime reads. Reserve the top drawer for a TV remote, cough drops, lotion, and other items you frequently reach for in bed.

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Hooked on Storage

necklaces hanging on small silver hooks in cabinet side
Michael Partenio Productions

If you've run out of storage space in your jewelry box, get creative with a DIY jewelry storage solution. Mount hooks on the side of a dresser or wall, making sure to leave enough room above the tabletop surface for longer necklaces. Hang a row of five or six hooks to showcase a rotating display of seasonal or favorite jewelry pieces.

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