There are so many unexpected uses for shelf brackets! Add interest and functionality to every room in your home using these creative ideas.

By Stacy Risenmay
June 01, 2016
shelf brackets

A mantel is really just a long shelf when you think about it. So it makes sense to use shelf brackets to add a mantel to a naked fireplace. Depending on the type of brackets you use, it could be as rustic or modern as you want! I love the way the metal brackets look on this all-white fireplace from JJ locations.

2. Unique Lighting


Why not use a shelf bracket to hang a light? This is the perfect solution for renters or those who don't want to hire an electrician to add a new sconce to their space. There are so many cute pendant lights with cords that would work with this idea! I love the cage light that Shannon from AKA Designs used.

3. Kraft Paper Roll

paper roll shelf

How fun is this DIY kraft paper roll? It would be so convenient for making lists, story boarding, or keeping a bored toddler happy while you work. Kim and Scott from Yellow Brick Home created this paper roll for their office. The shelf on top is perfect for storing pens and markers.

4. Fence Planter

garden with planter shelf

When I turned my neglected side yard into a secret garden, I added a planter to the fence using shelf brackets. It makes this otherwise boring corner cheerful. Imagine a long stretch of fence covered in several of these planters. It would be an inexpensive way to add color and interest. You can see the full secret garden on my blog, Not Just A Housewife.

5. Architectural Interest


Do you have a builder-grade home that's lacking personality? Add some shelf brackets to doorways or windows to create architectural interest. I love how it looks in Jennifer Rizzo's kitchen. This custom touch instantly makes your home feel like it has history. You can see more of her kitchen on her blog, Jennifer Rizzo.

6. Entry Table


If you don't have a grand entryway, using shelf brackets to create a narrow entry table can be the perfect solution! It doesn't take up a lot of visual space, and it helps keep the area open while allowing a place to set your keys, wallet, or loose change. Your entry is the first impression people have of your home, so add some fresh flowers for a welcoming touch.

7. Cafe Corner


Are you lacking a breakfast nook in your space? If you want to add seating in your kitchen, create a bar with shelf brackets like Tiffany from Off Beat and Inspired! You can customize the length, height, and style to meet your personal needs. This would also work great as a desk.


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