Take some time (and $20) to get your home or office clean and organized. These top-selling Amazon products have thousands of reviews and great prices to match.

By Jenny Krane
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January seems to be everyone's month to get their home organized—new year, new me mentality. And maybe the process of reorganizing your pantry, desk, closets, and kitchen overwhelms you. Luckily, there are many organization products on Amazon with a four-star rating or better and thousands of reviews to back up that score. Here are some of our favorite Amazon picks for organizing, all available under $30!

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1. OXO Food Storage Containers

Keep your food fresh for longer and have a pantry that looks pristine with these food storage containers. They have easy-push buttons on the top to break the airtight seal, and also serve as handles. Choose from 11 different sizes and shapes to store nuts, snacks, rice, baking ingredients, and pasta.

Buy it: OXO Good Grips POP Container 4 Qt for Flour, $17

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2. Simple Houseware Closet Underwear Organizer

Besides the junk drawer in the kitchen—we all have one—the next messiest drawer is usually the sock drawer. Piles of socks, underwear, and bras don't stay in the neat piles you made when you put them away. These flexible cloth dividers make it easy to organize your dresser and give you the perfect-sized compartments to store undergarments. The set of four includes a bra bin, two square-celled bin for panties or socks, and a bin for scarves, ties, or other small garments.

Buy it: Simple Houseware Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider, $14

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3. Brotrade Reusable Mesh Bags

Get the perks of clear plastic storage bags without harming the environment. These see-through mesh bags can be washed and reused many times, and come in three different sizes to store items of any size or quantity. Try them for toy storage—the top drawstring makes it easy for kids to use, and the transparency makes it simple to see what is in which bag. You can also keep a few in your purse to store fresh produce from the grocery store.

Buy it: Brotrade Reusable Mesh Produce Bags Set of 12, $14

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4. simplehuman Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser

Finally, a storage solution for all those plastic grocery bags you throw into a cupboard or drawer. This bag dispenser can be mounted on the wall or on the inside of a door to save space and comes in a sleek stainless finish so it isn't an eyesore. You can fit up to 30 bags inside, and the open slat on the front makes it easy to grab a bag and go.

Buy it: simplehuman Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser, $15

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5. MISSLO Shoe Organizer

These organizers have 24 transparent pockets that allow you to see exactly what's being stored, and hooks over most standard-sized doors. You can use this over-the-door vertical storage for shoes, cleaning supplies, office supplies, or a combination of items from around the house. It is available in white or black.

Buy it: MISSLO Over The Door Shoe Organizer, $14

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6. SimpleHouseware Cabinet Door Organizer

Make the most of every space in the kitchen—especially the back of cabinet doors. Hook this wire basket over the door and store cutting boards, extra dish towels, plastic wrap and foil, or cleaning supplies. If you're outfitting an empty pantry wall, take the hooks off and screw it directly to the wall.

Buy it: SimpleHouseware Over the Cabinet Door Organizer Holder, $14

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7. SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer

Eliminate unnecessary piles on your desk and give yourself more room to work. This desk organizer gives you vertical desktop storage with places for file folders, flat papers, pens, and other supplies. Choose from black or silver.

Buy it: SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer, $25



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