Take some time to get every room in your home clean and organized. These favorite storage products, all available with Amazon Prime, have thousands of reviews and great prices to match.

By Lindsay Tigar
Updated February 28, 2020
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Some days, even taking out the trash seems like an arduous task. Others, you wake up energized and determined to finally declutter your home. When the mood to clean strikes, you have to capitalize on it. But searching endlessly for the perfect organizer takes away time and energy you could put toward creating a strategy for tidiness. That’s why we've rounded up top-rated storage products from Amazon Prime. With must-haves for the kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, and beyond, these best-selling products will be on your doorstep within two days, flat, to help you get (and stay) organized. 

The Best Storage Products You Can Buy with Amazon Prime

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Best Pantry Storage

Keep your snacks fresh for longer and create a tidy pantry with these food storage containers. Easy-push buttons on the lid create an airtight seal to prevent moisture from getting inside. Choose from 11 different sizes and shapes to store pantry essentials like nuts, snacks, rice, flour, sugar, and pasta. You can even buy attachments for the lids, like a small scoop or measuring cup, to make baking a breeze. Prices for OXO Pop containers range from about $9 for a 0.3-quart container to about $20 for a 5.5-quart container. 

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Best Storage for Pots and Pans

Small kitchens typically have limited cabinet storage, especially for bulky pots and pans. But this top-rated—4.8 out of 5 stars from 1,400 reviewers—ceiling-mount rack creates more space for your cooking staples. Made of durable wrought iron and equipped with 12 pot hooks, this pot rack makes preparing (and tidying up after) your signature dish a lot easier. Four additional S hooks create a home for spatulas, spoons, and whisks, too.

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Best Snack Bags

Whether you're making lunch for yourself or your family, you probably go through plenty of plastic bags. Meal prepping is always a time-and-money-saving strategy, but sometimes, it creates tons of waste. Keep lunchtime environmentally friendly by investing in these reusable storage bags. This set of 10 bags is FDA-grade and BPA-, lead-, and chloride-free, plus they can be used time and time again. 

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Best All-Purpose Bins

Transitioning your closet from one season to another can take up an entire weekend. But these foldable, lightweight baskets create easy storage for, well, everything. You can pack away summer sandals and accessories until it's warm again, stow holiday ornaments until next year, and hide transitional items. Their multi-purpose function and pretty pastel shades are both practical and easy on the eyes. When you're finished, simply fold flat and store.

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Best Trash and Recycling Receptacle

Recycling is no longer a nice habit to adopt, but a necessary one. Make it easier for everyone under your roof with this dual-storage trash can. A blue compartment is intended for plastics, glass, and aluminum cans, while the other side is for anything you can't recycle. Simply step on a pedal to open it and avoid any pesky fingerprints on the stainless-steel exterior. 

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Best Storage for Cleaning Necessities

Sure, sweeping and mopping your floors are necessary chores. But these brooms and string mops aren't exactly made to stand up on their own in a closet. Every time you open the door can be a battle to keep them upright. Not anymore, thanks to this best-selling wall-mount organizer that holds up to six cleaning tools with handles. It's compact, yet effective, with each space holding up to seven pounds.

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Best Organizer for Messy Drawers

In theory, dressers are meant to provide a specific spot for underwear, socks, shirts, and more. But in practice, they're easy to stuff to the brim with every last clothing item. That's where these handy drawer dividers come into play. Made with lightweight, non-woven fabric, they won't add more heft to your heavy drawers, but they will keep them organized. The set of six compartments includes two large (11x11 inches), two medium (5.75x11.25 inches), and two small boxes (5.75x5.75 inches, all of which are collapsible when not in use. 

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Best for Dish Duty

When every bit of counter space matters, drying dishes can be a major pain. But typical solutions usually don't accommodate a full set of plates, utensils, and glasses. With this over-the-sink option, you can free up your counters while also checking this chore off your to-do list. Because it's made of stainless steel, you don't have to worry about rust, and its adjustable design allows you to change the length and width to work with your sink size.

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Best Laundry Helper

Between the sorting, washing, drying, pressing, and folding, laundry can be one of the most time-consuming household tasks. But with this highly-rated hamper, you can sort clothes as you go, removing one step from the process. Great for kids or couples, this rolling laundry-sorting cart has a section for whites, darks, delicates, and towels (or any category you see fit).

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Best Storage for Stuffed Animals

We're not sure how our kids manage to talk us into yet another stuffed animal, but somehow they have more than we can count. Instead of having teddy bears, fuzzy elephants, and plush pups laying around their bedroom or your living room, hide stuffed animals in this plush children's bean bag. Simply unzip, stow items inside, and zip up. And when they grow older, you can still use the bean bag for blankets, sheets, or other soft goods.


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