5 TikTok Organization Hacks to Declutter Your Home

Organize your home with these quick and easy tutorials to take back control of your space.

Spring is the perfect time to reorganize and declutter your home. But if you aren't prepared to tackle any large projects just yet, start with these easy storage ideas. Finding solutions for even the tiniest areas will help organize your home.

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We've taken inspiration from TikTok, where the hashtag #organize has more than 5.3 billion views and counting, to reclaim the areas that need special attention. With ideas for board games, kitchen supplies, food containers, and more, these TikTok videos will help solve some of your biggest storage woes. Plus, these trending organization tutorials won't take you long to accomplish, so you can tackle these small areas in a day.

1. Reusable Bag Storage

Are your reusable bags sprawled about your trunk or under your kitchen sink? Make grocery trips simple and quick with this tip for organizing bags. TikToker @maxieelise highlights how to fold and store your reusable bags. First, find a small plastic container, then follow the tutorial for tucking in the straps and folding bags as flat as possible. This only takes a few minutes and will organize both plastic and reusable cloth bags in your closet or car.

2. Organize Plastic Food Container Lids

The plastic container cabinet is notorious for being chaotic. Drawer or cabinet space can be limited but this solution from @stephpase makes it easy to sort food containers and lids. Adding a small desktop file sorter quickly organizes lids. Sort the lids by size and type keeping like items together. Next, simply stack or nest containers by size. Place larger containers in the back and smaller ones in the front.

3. Board Game Storage

Board games are often bulky and don't always stack nicely. TikToker @livecomposed demonstrates how to better organize board games with zippered reusable bags. Keep game pieces, instructions, and the board together in a labeled bag. Then collect all the bags in a single basket or bin. By replacing the boxes, you will save a ton of room and make it easy to find a game when needed.

4. Kitchen Supplies Caddy

Between parchment paper, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap, there are many packaged kitchen items and storage isn't always straightforward. And when stuffed into a drawer, they take up valuable cabinet space. Instead, try @aspireorganizer's trick for organizing food storage products. Attach a bin or an over-the-door caddy to one of your kitchen cabinets and place these products standing up. Find a cabinet with a little extra space near the door and use a container that works the best for your needs. This will alleviate cabinet space and keep your most-used items close at hand.

5. Garbage Bag Hack

Sometimes the worst part about taking out the garbage is replacing the bag afterward. Usually shoved in the back under your kitchen sink, bags should be easy to grab as needed. Take inspiration from @thesimplysorted and remove garbage bags from their box before placing the roll at the bottom of your trash can. When it's time to replace the bag, it's ready to go, plus saves on under-sink storage space.

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