5 Things to Get Rid of Today (That You Won't Miss)

Get a fresh start by getting rid of these five things that you're probably keeping around out of habit. You're guaranteed not to miss them once they're gone.


We've all had them hanging around at one point or another -- old towels. You know the ones you never want the guests to see, the ones with the loose threads, the ones with a hole, and even the ones with a stain. It's time to let them go! Get an extra feel-good moment when you donate them to the local animal shelter where they will be really appreciated.

Old Cans of Paint

Reclaim some garage space by getting rid of any old paint cans. As the paint ages, it gets a film on top and starts to corrode the metal can. Next time, once your paint job is done, try storing any leftover paint in clean glass or plastic containers from your recycling bins. Just don't forget the lid!

Past Issues of Magazines

Set aside some time for yourself to enjoy your favorite issues soon after they arrive. Pull out your favorite recipes and put them in a recipe binder. Snap pics with your phone of any ideas you want to save for later. That way you can toss those magazines into the recycling bin instead of storing them in the bathroom or on your coffee table long past their issue date. Recycle any stacks you've had lying around for more than a month.

Wrapping Paper Scraps

Admit it. You've saved those little odd scraps of wrapping paper thinking maybe you'll have a gift small enough or oddly shaped enough to fit them. Let them go. You'll never miss them and you'd likely never use them either.

Greeting Cards

This might be a tough one but unless they're really sentimental it's time to toss those old greeting or Christmas cards. But if you'd like a way to keep those cards around without the taking up unnecessary space, why not turn them into gorgeous upcycled card ornaments like these? And here are more great ideas for turning your old Christmas cards into something special: Christmas Card Projects

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  1. I donate old towels to a soup kitchen. They are needed for clean up and are greatly appreciated.

  2. Also huge pots you never use. When was the last time you boiled several lobsters or used your pressure cooker?

    1. I'm with Carol. I downsized several years ago and have ended up re-purchasing things like my pressure cooker because I still need them. Even if you only use them once in a while, they're still useful.

    2. If you have space to store it, why not keep it? Things that are rarely used are still used sometimes. I have a huge stockpot that is great for pasta for a crowd or for making soup out of the turkey carcass. I also get frustrated when In see that you should toss your duplicate sets of measuring spoons or cups. When I was baking cookies this holiday season, I used three sets of measuring spoons. These tips need to be done by actual cooks/homemakers and not professional organizers for whom organizing is everything.

    3. two days ago

  3. I work in an animal hospital and we greatly appreciate donated towels!! We use them for animals that are boarding, hospitalized, pre and post surgery to prevent hypothermia, and we choose very thoughtfully to wrap up furkids snuggly for their final moments with their owners.

  4. Books I thought I would read again. I’m boxing them up right now and taking them to a “senior home”. I don’t have time to read them again, and I actually still remember most of the stories I read 5-10 years ago. Purging boxes of books and old Knick knacks from previous room decor!

  5. I use my ragged towels or those that may have been accidentally bleached as "dog towels". Great for wiping up spills, cleanups, dog baths. I bought a gripper mop handle and keep a folded towel gripped in one for easy dog water bowl cleanups. Also use it for mopping floors. The towel can be turned and refolded, gripped again, for 8 separate sides to mop and rinse. I bleach them. Who cares if the color fades or is removed.

  6. I recycle old towels to use for the pool. When they are too ragged for that I cut them in smaller squares and use them as rags. They are especially handy in my craft room for wiping things down or wiping messes up.

  7. Edit old photos. When my husband died we found boxes of unsorted photos, no date, no name, "sun spots", finger partly over the lens, out of focus. It was so frustrating I nearly threw them all out!

    1. My late dad was a nuisance with his camera. But I was so glad we kept the box of slides and prints from 30+ years of family time. I went to a local company called Memories to Digital that scanned the slides and photos, and put the images on a flash drive. I have the photos, and no clutter. They're also easy to share and gift.

    2. No!!! Old photos are cherished for genealogists. Find someone in the family that may be doing family research before you toss those old photos.

  8. A few years ago when asked what she wanted for her bd, my mom said - NO STUFF! - but did add that she would like a fluffy bath towel. Thus began a game between my mom, my daughter, and myself. Each the other two pick out 2 towels w/washclothes. Always nice and new and fluffy - but sometimes a truly awful color.

    1. Wickedly Brilliant! I once lived in a 1940’s housing complex where every bathroom and kitchen had different colors, most often not matching the towels we had when we moved in. We tried to have a towel swap, but never got it together.

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