Storage Solutions Using Labels

storage labels
Labels are every organizer's dream. Use these simple ideas to spice up labels for your savvy storage solutions.

Crystal Clear

Glass jars are easily transformed into teen-friendly storage containers for beauty supplies such as nail polish, lip gloss, and hair accessories. Colorful labels on the front of each jar are both stylish and functional.

By the Numbers

Large numbers adhered to canvas totes offer a unique take on standard storage labels. Because the bins are labeled merely with numbers rather than tags for specific items, their contents can easily shift as storage needs change.

Just My Type

When there's no question of what goes where, cleanup becomes a breeze for the whole family. Ensure storage labels are easy to read by choosing a large, bold typeface or a bright, cheery color palette.

Personal Space

Cut down on mudroom clutter by giving every family member his or her own hook for jackets, hats, and more. Hang a hook for everyone and designate ownership with a small nameplate above. Or instead of labeling with words, use a small photo of each family member.

Super Pantry Storage

One easy way to save space in a small pantry is by consolidating dry goods into plastic storage containers. This eliminates bulky cardboard boxes, and also creates a clean and cohesive look no matter what you have stored in the pantry. Tag each container with a large, removable label to make it easy to find what food you need on the fly. Ensure you have nutrition information on hand by cutting out the facts and attaching them to the back of the containers for easy reference.

Spell It Out

Use creative lettering to fashion fun storage labels. Here, game tiles were arranged to create labels for small kitchen appliances and glued to the shelves. The aged style of the letters pairs perfectly with the retro blue kitchen.

Chalk It Up

A repurposed metal mailbox corrals clutter-causing items, such as kids' artwork, in this family-friendly office. A label attached to the front of each box ensures little ones know exactly where to place their latest creations. Wooden chalkboard tags are easy to re-label as needs change.

Magazine Scene

Magazine labels can be hard to read when they're all stacked together on a shelf. Try sorting them into separate file boxes and attach a simple, handwritten label to the outside for easy reference. Or try attaching a photo of the magazine cover to each bin to identify contents at a glance.


Clear acrylic trays and handwritten labels keep a clutter-prone crafts room drawer neat and tidy. The trays can be picked up and moved around the room as needed, but the labels ensure everything finds its proper home when it's time to clean up.

Simple Storage

Translucent storage bins corral and display colorful gift-wrapping supplies in this hobby room. Large labels adhered to the front of each container help identify the contents instantly.

Little Charmers

Whether your tools are jumbled in a desk drawer or hang neatly on a pegboard in the garage, key tags ensure they are readable from afar without interfering with their performance.  

Going Green

Plastic bins outfitted with large vinyl stickers create an effective in-home recycling system. These recycling tubs slide out from beneath kitchen countertops, but the system could be re-created in a garage. The large labels ensure every member of the family knows where items belong.

Keep Clothes Separate

Reduce laundry-day stress by sorting your clothes during the week. This handy hamper is outfitted with three separate compartments to save you time on laundry day by ensuring that clothes are perfectly sorted. 

Laundry Room Magic

An unused linen closet functions as a convenient sorting station for laundry room clutter. Plastic laundry baskets slide neatly into this closet's shelving system to corral clothing, towels, and other laundry items. Large labels clipped onto the front of each bin identify their contents but can be unclipped and moved as needed.

Dandy Drawers

Small vinyl stickers clearly identify the contents of each drawer to make finding items a cinch in this tidy closet. These labels were placed on the drawers' interiors but could easily adorn the drawer fronts instead.

Kid-Friendly Storage

Ensure your kids have an understanding of the basics of organization by laying the groundwork early in life. Picture labels attached to the front of dresser drawers allow little ones to understand where clothing items belong. Replace the pictures with words-only labels once your child learns to read.

Shower Solution

Limited shower space calls for creative storage solutions. These small metal baskets corral shampoo, body wash, and other shower necessities in a tiny bathroom. Monogrammed metal tags clipped onto the front of each basket keep family members' shower items separate. This clever idea is also perfect for making guests feel right at home. 

All Lit Up

Holiday lights are a festive addition to any home, but remembering which cord matches each strand is a challenge for even the most organized homeowners. Simple handwritten tags secured around the base of each cord lead you to the right light every time.

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