Storage Solutions for Every Little Thing

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It's the little things that can create the most chaos (and clutter!) at home -- until now. These 25 tricks will give you organizational control in every room.

Coffee Station

Ready for an afternoon pick-me-up? A coffee station makes it easy to get your caffeine fix at any time of day. Keep cups, saucers, and sugar on a serving tray, then add your favorite brew.

Wine Bottles

A wooden rack nestled on a shelf or tucked below the kitchen counter puts wine in its place. No more bulky bottles collecting dust? We'll drink to that.


Cabinets with fixed shelves can create dead space. Maximize storage by hanging stemware from wire racks.

Party Bar

Eliminate day-of-the-party stress by prepping a beverage station. Fill a bar cart with glasses, garnishes, and liquid refreshments. Guests can serve themselves as they arrive, leaving you free to enjoy your company.

Table-Setting Supplies

Be ready for your next dinner party by keeping all the essentials on hand. Stock a vintage toolbox with napkins, place mats, and candles. Keep the kit tucked on a shelf, then grab and go when it's time to dine.

Bonus Tip: Make a separate kit to stash near your patio set to make alfresco dining a breeze.

Kitchen Essentials

Find a home for hard-to-store kitchen supplies under a wooden island. Large wicker baskets hold small appliances, paper towels, and extra groceries. Chalkboard labels make it easy to find what you're looking for.


Stash snacks in clear cookie jars for on-the-go eating. Look for jars with airtight seals to keep your goodies fresh.


Never step on a Lego again. Maximize space in your child's bedroom with shelves embedded directly into the wall. Stock the area with toys, books, and other doodads. Use wicker baskets to manage stuffed animals and building blocks.

Linens and Blankets

On cold nights, it's best to keep extra blankets close. Transform an old dresser drawer into sleek, under-the-bed storage with this easy DIY.

Office Supplies

Utilize a wooden divider to easily store pens, notebooks, scissors, and other office necessities. Itemized compartments keep your desk clutter-free, and a handle makes it easy to work on the go.

Writing Tools

For easy-to-reach writing tools, mount wall hooks to hang small pails. Fill with pens, markers, and colored pencils.

Bonus Tip: Spray each pail with chalkboard paint for easy labeling.


Take the stress out of sending snail mail. Manage envelopes, pens, and stamps in small slots mounted below a cabinet. 

Wrapping Paper

Wall-mounted wrapping paper rolls make it easy to wrap in a snap. Slide the rolls onto dowels mounted on brackets.


Color-coded thread tabs stored in a clear organizer make it easy to quickly stitch a fix. Use one of the compartments to stash needles and a small scissors.


No more digging through your sewing kit to find a single button. A spice rack keeps small crafts supplies close at hand for quick repairs.


Put your walls to work with mounted organizers. Assign each bin a category (like bills, magazines, or coupons) to easily separate trash from treasure.


Keep keys close at hand by attaching wall hooks in the entryway. Also attach a white board for last-minute reminders before you rush out the door.

Phone Chargers

Create a charging dock for your phone with an open-back organizer. Thread the cord up from the outlet and through the back of the organizer. Secure the cord in place with a small piece of electrical tape.

Workout Corner

Keep all the tools you need to break a sweat in one place. Store workout essentials like yoga mats, free weights, and bottled water on a tiered cart.

Screws and Nails

Tiny tools benefit from tiny vessels to keep them organized. Manage loose screws in an ice cube tray.

Paper Towels

Stash a paper towel roll below your kitchen counter to make cleanup a breeze. Remove a drawer, then mount the roll on a dowel.

Bulk Buys

Buying in bulk can benefit your wallet but wreak havoc on your pantry space. Invest in a cube organizer to keep all those extra essentials organized.

Holiday Ornaments

Keep precious heirlooms intact by wrapping ornaments in tissue paper, then storing them in shallow plastic containers. Use cardboard to divide the bin into smaller compartments.

Bonus Tip: Smaller ornaments are best kept in clean, empty egg cartons. Line each compartment with tissue paper or felt, then nestle in your tiny treasures.

Bathroom Appliances

Free up precious bathroom drawer space by hanging hair dryers or other appliances on an over-the-door rack.

Pet Bowls

Keep Fido well fed while eliminating clutter. Install food and water bowls for your furry friend under the kitchen counter.

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