21 Small-Space Organizing Ideas to Get the Most Out of Every Room

cubby storage bins in cabinet
Photo: Blaine Moats

Nearly every home could use more storage, but nowhere are smart organizing solutions more important than in small spaces. Make the most of every inch and avoid a cluttered look with fixes like coordinating bins, under-the-bed storage, and wall-mounted organizers. These small-space organizing ideas create a place for everything, so you can find anything more easily.

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Small Mudroom Organizing Ideas

blue entryway storage and bench built in
Stephani Buchman

Small-space organizing ideas are especially impactful near the entryway where storage for shoes, coats, bags, keys, and more is a necessity. Here, a narrow set of built-ins turns an empty corner by the door into a small but functional mudroom. Divided cubbies below the bench offer handy shoe storage, while matching bins organize the open compartments above.

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Corner Drawer Organization

corner kitchen drawer
David Tsay

Corner drawers and cabinets (sometimes called blind corner cabinets) are notoriously hard to organize because of their awkward shape. But the sharp angles of a corner drawer can work well for organizing small kitchen items, such as cloth napkins and dish towels. Here, linens are neatly filed in sideways, instead of stacked on top of one another, for easy-access kitchen organization.

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Small Bathroom Cabinet Storage

hair dryer with plastic holder on cabinet door
Carson Downing

Organizing a small bathroom can be a challenge, but it's possible with the addition of a few smart storage solutions, like this hair dryer holder. Utilizing space that would otherwise go unused, it slips directly over the cabinet door and keeps the cord neatly contained. This small-space organizing hack frees up room inside the cabinet for storing other essentials like toiletries and folded towels.

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Creative Small Kitchen Organizing

magnetic storage for side of fridge
Jason Donnelly

Get creative with small-space organizing ideas, and look to places that ordinarily don't get used. Here, the side of a refrigerator offers storage for paper towels, salt and pepper shakers, measuring cups, kitchen twine, and more. A magnetic organizer attaches directly to the fridge, freeing up counter and drawer space elsewhere.

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Small-Space Organization for Entryways

cubby storage bins in cabinet
Blaine Moats

In a small entryway, utilize closed storage that allows you to shut the doors on toys, shoes, and other miscellaneous items. Even a shallow storage unit, like the one used in this entry, can fit a lot of stuff, especially when outfitted with labelled bins to keep items contained. A hook provides a spot to hang the dog's leash on the inside of the cabinet door.

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Hidden Small-Space Organization

blue built in cabinet on side of fridge
Tria Giovan

Transform a blank wall in the kitchen into a hidden storage compartment. These homeowners outfitted the narrow space along the side of the refrigerator with shallow shelves that store paper bags, homework, folders, and tablets (there's even an outlet for charging devices). The back of the door offers a prime location for hanging chore charts and to-do lists.

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Organizing a Small Pantry

walk in pantry with glass food storage containers
Courtesy of The Container Store

Turn a small pantry into an organized oasis by using matching containers to decant and store food. Glass canisters let you monitor the level of staples including flour and sugar, while open baskets make it easy to grab ingredients like potatoes and onions. For a more organized look, install a curtain rod around the lowest shelves to keep appliances and other odds and ends tucked out of sight.

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Small Closet Organizing Ideas

cleaning supply storage cabinet
Werner Straube

The key to maximizing organization in a small closet is dividing up the space. To make better use of this cleaning supply closet, the homeowners added a variety of compartments, shelves, and pullouts. Designating each area for a different type of item ensures no space goes to waste.

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Organizing on Bathroom Shelves

bathroom wall storage with acrylic shelves
Jason Donnelly

To organize a small bathroom, mount floating shelves to make use of empty wall space. Here, an acrylic shelf next to the vanity offers quick access to everyday toiletries, freeing up space in a medicine cabinet or under the sink. Simple wall hooks lined up below keep jewelry organized and tangle-free.

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Small Bedroom Organization Ideas

under bed storage basket
Carson Downing

If your bedroom is short on space, don't let the square footage under your bed go to waste. A shallow bin or basket can slide easily underneath the frame and stash bulky boots and shoes out of sight. A container with a lid works well for out-of-season clothes, as the lid helps protect against dust and other debris.

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Easy Small-Space Organizing

mudroom coat hooks
Werner Straube

One of the simplest ways to organize a small room is to install hooks. In this small entryway, two sets of hooks turn a blank wall into a dropzone for coats, bags, umbrellas, and other items. The height of the lower hooks makes it easy for kids to hang up their own belongings, further encouraging organization in the small space.

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Organizing with Clear Bins

record storage bins in cabinet
Jason Donnelly

Clear bins are a small-space organization hack that works in nearly any room. Whether you're storing a collection of vinyl records (as seen here) or a stash of beauty products, these containers allow you to clearly see what's inside so you don't have to rummage to find what you need. Choose bins with built-in handles and spots to place labels to make access even more convenient.

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Small Craft Room Organization

craft storage closet organization
David Tsay

Clever small-space organizing ideas transform this closet into a crafter's paradise. It includes a storage station for ribbons, washi tape, and paper, plus open cubbies for fabrics and hanging storage for tassels and other trimmings. Organize craft supplies by color or material so you can easily find the material you need.

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Drawer Organizing Tricks

drawer dividers
Carson Downing

Keeping drawers tidy so you can fit more inside each one is key to small bedroom organizing. Here, diamond-shaped drawer dividers keep folded items within view, which saves on space as well as time when you're trying to find something to wear. These dividers come in different shapes and materials so you can find one that best fits your drawer.

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Open Shelving Organization

small laundry room
Werner Straube

Most laundry rooms are limited in square footage and can benefit from a few small-room organization ideas. Adding a counter on top of front-loading machines is a great way to get more surface area in a laundry room, and mounting open shelves can keep detergent and cleaning supplies organized but easily within reach. For a more orderly look, utilize baskets and trays to corral loose items on the shelves.

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Small Entryway Solutions

entryway storage with chalkboard and hooks
Marty Baldwin

If your main door opens straight into a living area, wall-mounted organizers can help you fake a functional entryway. This small-space organization system goes beyond simple hooks with the clever use of compartments for storing incoming mail or homework. Chalkboards catch last-minute reminders on the way out the door.

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Small Bathroom Organization Hack

white bathroom with storage cabinets
Cami Graham

In a small bathroom without a ton of counter space, a narrow storage cabinet is a great way to get all those necessities tucked away. Using the back of the door for toothbrushes or even hair brushes and hot tools can free up even more space on the shelves. Plus, it ensures frequently used items are easy to grab without having to rummage through the cabinet.

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Space-Saving Pantry Organization

pantry with labeled food storage containers
Scott Little

An organized pantry is both aesthetically pleasing and a major space-saver. Use clear jars to decant dry goods and risers or stackable bins to maximize vertical space. Labeling the jars or canisters makes it easy to maintain your organizing system and helps you clearly see what you've run out of.

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Small Kitchen Organizing

pegboard kitchen storage
Adam Albright

Whether you have a big family or a small home (or both), kitchen storage space is always at a premium. One way to maximize kitchen organization is to install a pegboard for hanging pots, pans, and utensils that would otherwise clutter up a countertop or fill a cabinet. In addition to being functional, a pegboard wall filled with beautiful pans and cutting boards doubles as kitchen decor.

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Hanging Storage Bins

organized corner of laundry room
Marty Baldwin

When organizing a small room, think vertically. Here, hanging baskets offer a simple yet effective organizing solution for laundry room items like soap, dryer sheets, lint rollers, or garbage bags. To easily mount bins on tile, opt for a damage-free hanging solution like self-adhesive hooks.

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Kids' Closet Storage

kid closet storage with storage bins and pull out baskets
Marty Baldwin

Most kids are not known for being super tidy. Fortunately, there are closet organizing ideas that will help keep the chaos contained. Mesh or wire drawers with labels help kids see what they're looking for, which hopefully means they don't pull everything out on their quest to find the right item.

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