21 Affordable Storage Ideas Using Everyday Items

Metal basket with items in cups
Photo: John Granen

Organizing your home shouldn't break your budget. By making smart use of everyday items, you can meet all your storage needs in a budget-friendly fashion. These simple storage ideas (each for less than $15) will help you declutter and organize any space on a budget.

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Utilize Baskets and Bins

laundry room stainless steel shelving basket storage
Megan Chaffin

Get organized and add style at the same time with pretty baskets and boxes. To stay within your budget, search flea markets and thrift stores for inexpensive options. Look for items that coordinate with your decor, and select a variety of sizes to meet your storage needs.

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Rethink Kitchen Items

Three balls of twine on a wooden stand
Ann VanderWiel Wilde

Repurpose old or unused kitchen storage items in different areas of the house. Here, a paper towel holder is used as craft storage to keep spools of twine neat and orderly. This stacked arrangement allows you to easily unwind and cut off the exact length you need.

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Frugal Storage

silverware in blue metal box
Werner Straube Photography

At about $11 for a pack of 12, Mason jars make great budget-friendly organizers. These inexpensive containers can be used all over the house to corral small items. This Mason jar storage project repurposes a vintage metal caddy found at a flea market as a portable holder for silverware or party supplies.

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Group Items in a Tray

Metal basket with items in cups
John Granen

Take small loose items out of their bulky packaging for more streamlined storage. Fill a tray with small cups or bowls to contain office supplies like rubber bands, paper clips, and labels. Stash the packages elsewhere if necessary and refill the cups as needed.

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Cabinet Storage Upgrade

turnable kitchen cabinet spice cooking ingredients
Marty Baldwin

Add affordable organizing bins (The Container Store) on shelves to keep kitchen cabinets organized. Group like items (such as spices or oils and vinegars) in one container that you can easily pull out when you need to search for a specific ingredient. Attach labels to each one for even more cabinet organizing power.

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Store Sports Equipment

White basket filled with sports equipment
Adam Albright

Basic laundry baskets make ideal vessels for storing bulky sports equipment. These spacious containers are affordable, portable, and durable enough to handle plenty of wear and tear. To attach a label to the basket, punch holes in the corners of the labels. Run zip ties through the holes and weave of the basket to attach.

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Plan a Weekly Wardrobe

Clothes on hangers divided by day
Marty Baldwin

Make morning routines easier by organizing a week's worth of outfits. Place hanging tags on a closet bar, each marked with a day of the week, then hang your planned outfits with the designated tag and you'll save time each morning when you don't have to decide what to wear.

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Tabletop Organizer

Blue tray with white cups filled with supplies
Adam Albright

Milk-glass cups and bowls can be found at flea markets and garage sales for as little as 25 cents each. These decorative containers can provide a stylish way to store pens, pencils, paper clips, and other office supplies. For a cohesive look, mix and match vessels of different patterns and shapes in the same color on a tray.

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Drawer Divider

sock organizer used for cups
The Wilde Project

Honeycomb organizers are useful for organizing your dresser, but these inexpensive dividers also work well for decluttering deep kitchen drawers. Use the small slots to give each cup its own spot. This simple trick will make both getting cups out and putting them away easier, as well as prevent the cups from clinking against each other.

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On the Shelf

home close organization with storage bins
Granen Photography Inc

The inside of a small closet can pose a serious organizing challenge. To keep the tight space clutter-free, use a combination of baskets, boxes, and open bins to organize shelves in a space-savvy manner. Clearly label the items with matching stickers to make finding what you need simple and easy. An over-the-door organizer (Walmart) is another affordable option that can help you make the most of closet space.

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Pantry Storage

Glass jars with sewing supplies
Marty Baldwin

Large glass storage jars, (The Container Store) are affordable (and effective) organizers for your pantry, craft room, or home office. Screw tops make them ideal for storing dry baking ingredients or small supplies. Adhere labels to the fronts of jars so you can easily tell what's inside.

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Boot Tray

Entryway with hanging organizer, boots, and guitar
Robert Brinson

Create a DIY boot tray by lining an inexpensive serving tray with glass pebbles found at a crafts store. Ice and snow will melt and drain through the rocks to the bottom of the tray so your boots won't stand in a puddle. Not only will you have a stylish place to rest your shoes, but your floors will be protected from wet footwear.

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Kitchen Catch-All

Door with plastic hanging holder
Adam Albright

Expand your kitchen storage with an over-the-door clear plastic shoe organizer. The pockets are a perfect place to organize kitchen tools and supplies so they don't get lost in a drawer. Don't forget to label each pocket so everyone knows where to return items.

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DIY Basket Liners

Wicker baskets on table filled with fruit
Adam Albright

Turn a basic wicker basket into a food storage bin by adding a liner made from kitchen towels. Cut one towel to fit the bottom of the basket, then use a second towel to cut four side panels. Make the panels about 3 inches longer and wider than the basket. Stitch the pieces together and hem the top edges. Place the finished liner in the basket and fold over the top for an inexpensive way to safely store produce on the countertop.

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Use a Spare Pan

Tray holding makeup on table
Jay Wilde

Eliminate vanity clutter by storing beauty essentials in mini loaf pans. Use each compartment to organize a single type of product, such as makeup sponges, nail polish, perfume, and brushes. Loaf pans come in many sizes and their stainless-steel finish makes them sleek enough to sit out on a countertop.

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Fill Buckets With Miscellaneous Items

Green bucket with name tags
Adam Albright

Tidy up the entryway with personalized storage buckets for each family member. Pick buckets that will fit the shelves of a bookcase to maximize space, and, if desired, prime and paint them to match the rest of your decor. Give buckets a personal touch with name tags that help everyone keep track of their items. Use magnets to add to-do lists and messages to individual buckets.

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Hanger Holder

plastic bags on hangers with craft supplies
The Wilde Project

Organize craft materials with plastic bags on hangers for an easy-to-see storage solution. Sort supplies into bags by type, and clip them on pants hangers. This affordable storage idea helps clear your workspace and allows you to easily find what you need.

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DIY Jewelry Holder

Jewelry holder on green wall
Jay Wilde

Turn your jumble of jewelry into an orderly (and attractive) arrangement. Use a paper towel holder to elegantly display necklaces and bracelets and prevent them from getting tangled. Install it on the wall above a dresser or vanity for jewelry organization that doubles as decor.

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Creative Container

Metal holder with cups with markers
Janet Mesic-Mackie

Look for inexpensive secondhand finds at thrift or antique stores for fun storage solutions. This 1950s aluminum tumbler set with a carrying caddy is an unexpected and colorful way to store art supplies. The handle makes it easy to bring all your brushes, markers, and pencils to the crafts table in one trip.

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Divide and Conquer

Organized green and white towels on shelf
Jay Wilde

File sorters are inexpensive storage solutions that work well outside the office, too. Add one to a bathroom shelf to keep towels organized and at-the-ready. Sort towels for various uses by attaching a label to each compartment.

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Stepped up Storage

Blue ladder shelf with plant and storage
Cameron Sadeghpour

Give a retired ladder a new life, while adding storage space and vintage charm to the room. Simply screw vent grates in place on each rung to form shelves. Paint the ladder a color that matches the rest of your decor. Mount the ladder to the wall for secure storage.

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