Destress and sleep soundly with a storage-savvy bedroom. Organizing your nightstand might be just the thing you need to relax for a good night's sleep.

Keep a book or two on your nightstand. If space is limited, just your current reads are necessary. If you have more nightstand space, keep a small stack for evening reading and relaxing. A small decorative basket keeps books organized and at the ready. If you prefer to read magazines, a magazine holder on a shelf keeps them orderly.

2. Gather Supplies

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Place hand lotion, lip balm, and other nighttime necessities in a cute container or dish. A vintage bowl, small basket, or ceramic cup work great and add a chic vibe. Keeping these items together and accessible reminds you to use them regularly, too!

3. Buckle Down on Devices


Keep electronics and devices hidden away. Put any remotes in a drawer or container. Giving them a home will keep your nightstand organized and less cluttered. If you have an abundance of devices and chargers cluttering your nightstand, consider drilling a hole in the back of a drawer to manage cords.

4. Create Compartments

drawer organizer

Use a drawer organizer in your nightstand to contain items. Acrylic, wood, or plastic storage containers with compartments of various sizes work well for smaller items like lip balm, writing utensils, lotion, and hair ties.

5. Utilize Every Inch


Store large or bulky items in a nightstand shelf or drawer. If your nightstand doesn't have drawers, consider using a basket to keep items contained yet accessible.

6. Disguise Cords

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Hide any cords behind your nightstand. Cords for lamps, alarm clocks, and device chargers make a small piece of furniture look cluttered. Use a cord organizer or a zip tie to keep cords in order.

7. Stow Rings and Small Items

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If you take off jewelry before bed, add a small dish or ring holder to keep your jewelry safe and contained. A tray on the top of your nightstand works for frequently used accessories; a jewelry divider inside the top drawer organizes surplus necklaces and bracelets.

8. Add Personality

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Leave room for things that make you happy and relax you. A small vase for fresh flowers, a favorite candle, or a framed quote or picture of a loved one all bring personality to a nightstand. Little things you love are the perfect finishing touch to an organized bedside table.

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September 12, 2019
How about medical equipment?