As summer shifts to fall, it's time to unearth warmer clothes, coats, and winter gear. Taking the time to properly store out of season clothing and outerwear will not only save time, it will ensure your clothing is ready to wear the next season.

By Becky Rapinchuk, Clean Mama
November 18, 2015

Have you ever purchased a new set of gloves, simply because you were unable to find the pair from last year, only to find them a week later? Take some time this year to think through how you store out of season clothing and outerwear, and you'll no longer be buying extra gloves.

Make it work for you. How you store out of season clothing and outerwear is dependent on what you have to store and how much storage space you have to store it in. Follow these universal tips and tricks to help you transition any wardrobe from summer to fall and winter.

First thing first. Make sure clothing and outerwear is clean before packing it away. Spot treat any stains, and launder any washable items. Send any dry clean only garments and outerwear to the cleaners. Pack coats and jackets away in a cool, dark spot. Place garments that you know won't be worn in next six months in an acid-free garment bag, and hang it at the back of a closet. This simple step will ensure that your clothing and outerwear is ready when the warm or cold days make their appearance.

Separate and Group Clothing By Season

Image: Clean Mama

Rotate, rotate, rotate. If you don't want to go through the hassle of physically packing away out of season clothing, simply group like items together and rotate out of season clothing to the back of the closet. This method also works well if you live in an area where weather changes quickly and you don't want to be searching for that sweater when the weather turns. If you have kids, consider using color coded hangers to keep warmer and cooler clothing separate.

Think ahead. Keep an out of season -- or outgrown -- clothing bin in children's closets and when they've outgrown an outfit or garment, wash, fold, and pack it away. Add a label for the size and season to the outside of the bin. All you need to do is fill it up and put it in storage for your next little one or donate/sell it. Regardless of how you re-purpose the outgrown or out of season clothing, taking care of clothing as needed, instead of all at once, will save you time in the long run. 

Stack and store. If you have the room to store out of season clothing, consider keeping the clothing and outerwear out of sight with lidded bins that can be stacked and stored in a closet, basement, attic, or under a bed. Keep the clothing as accessible as you need it to be - if you live in an area where you might need that swimsuit or pair of shorts, make sure you can quickly access your out of season bins. Place a dryer sheet or unopened bar of soap in the bin to keep it smelling fresh.

Image: Clean Mama

Hang it up. Consider using hanging storage to store your family's seasonal accessories. Give each family member a drawer or shelf and you'll limit the time it takes to find those gloves or hat at the beginning of the season. Separating accessories by family member keeps everything easily identifiable and makes it simple for everyone to put their accessories away in their designated space.

Plan. Prep. Go. Take the time to think through your systems before or as you transition your fall and winter clothing this year. With a little planning and preparation, storing and locating every last item will be simpler and everything will be easily located.


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