6 Ways to Use Resealable Plastic Bags

Think resealable plastic bags are just for snacks and lunch boxes? Think again. These six smart storage ideas all feature affordable, versatile resealable plastic bags.

1. Easy Jewelry Storage

Make selecting jewelry easy with a simple and organized do-it-yourself jewelry box. Place pieces inside resealable plastic bags to keep tangles and damage at bay. Label and organize the bags in a clear acrylic box. Use an office clip to corral like pieces together (bracelets clipped together in one clip, rings in another) and use tab dividers to label bag groupings. Or clip together bags containing the pieces you wear as an ensemble.

2. Orderly Office

Keep supplies handy by pinning them on a bulletin board. Vary bag sizes as needed, and use double-stick tape to further divide bags to suit small items such as tacks and paper clips. Or take the concept to the garage and use smaller bags to wrangle screws and hardware, and larger bags to house outdoor-equipment manuals.

3. School Smarts

Help child, parent, and teacher keep track of important papers. A clear resealable plastic bag connected to a backpack with a carabiner makes notes and field-trip money easy to spot.

4. Guest Relations

Gather bathroom supplies for overnight guests by tucking a set of towels and toiletries into a large resealable plastic bag and personalizing with a decorative luggage tag.

5. Game Rules

Keep board games with multiple pieces ready for playing with resealable plastic bags. Divvy up tokens, dice, cards, and other pieces into individual bags for easy organization. Plus, if the game box is ever dropped, pieces won't fly everywhere, making restoring order a cinch.

6. Close at Hand

Encourage the timeless tradition of letter writing. Tuck note cards and pens in a quart-size resealable plastic bag, punch holes in the flap, and hang from cup hooks on the side of a desk. Or use a similar setup in the kitchen to hold recipe cards and a pen to jot down a newly found recipe.

How to Reuse Resealable Plastic Bags

  • Turn bags inside out to wash thoroughly.
  • Don't boil or microwave to clean the bags; high temperatures can break down the plastic.
  • Air-dry the bags inside an empty dishwasher to minimize kitchen clutter.

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  1. This is a GREAT post! I have an extremely small house with little storage areas. I have to keep really organized or my home will look cluttered and dirty. I am an artist and my front room doubles as my studio. I use plastic bags a lot however I never thought of any of these ideas. I will be spending the rest of my day getting a little more organized with my art supplies. As usual, BH&G always has the answers and inspiration. Thank you!

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