Storage doesn't have to be stashed away. When organized in a beautiful way, your storage can look like decor. Take inspiration from some of our favorite stylish storage ideas!

By Bri Levandowski
blue kitchen
Credit: John Granen

Open shelves in pantries are expected, but open shelving in the kitchen? Genius. Quick snacks and common baking ingredients are perfect in glass jars, and cookbooks stay visible from across the room. Bright colors on white walls make this stylish storage pop!

Floating Book Ledges

wall of floating shelves with books

Help kids choose their bedtime stories by displaying them all at once. Bonus? They look cheery with the cover art facing forward. Never look at a line of boring book spines again.

Color-Coded Closet

Closet Tour

All storage looks lovely when it's color-coded. Leave shoes on display in a mudroom, bedroom, or closet; just be sure to pair them with similar tones. Common pink, coral, and red hues throughout the shoes, bags, and boxes creates a cohesive look on this master closet storage display.

Open Office Wall

home office

This one-wall office houses some stylish storage! Pops of pink throughout prompt your eyes to travel to each box, shelf, and hook. Beautiful items make for beautiful organization. Decor and efficiency: Why choose just one?

Pretty Pots and Pans

wall storage for pans

Metal bars and S hooks make pot and pan storage look like a work of art! Coordinating cookware catches the eye and looks great hanging on a kitchen wall or above an island. Incorporate a different metal than your cookware for stylish contrast.

Corkboard Beauty

Flea Market Ideas

Accessories don't need to be shut in a box, thrown in a drawer, or hidden on a closet shelf. Pegs for purses, open shelves for accessories, and hanging corkboards for pinned necklaces are perfect for everyday fashion and decor. This storage is stylish on more than one level!

Bar Cart Bliss

bar cart

A pretty bar cart stores all your liquor, wine, and serving glasses, and does so with style. Place your bar cart in any room to add storage with sophistication; you'll be ready for a party at any moment!

Storage-Smart Furniture

living room

This ottoman is brilliant for a few reasons. Trendy green velvet pairs with brass legs to create a transitional vibe that's echoed in the room's design. The other reason this furniture piece rocks? The lower glass shelf keeps coffee table books and magazines off the surface but stylishly displayed below.

Wine Wall

Storage in Plain Sight

Why bother with a backsplash when you can mount your favorite wine bottles? Chilled wine fridges flank this island bar, while mounted brass and glass shelving houses stylish liquor bottles. Switch out the bottles with new ones as they're used, or keep the empty ones you love!

Curated Cosmetics

makeup storage

Show off your beauty routine with thrift store storage. This vintage silver tea set is perfect for lotions, lipsticks, brushes, and more beauty supplies. Show off this look on your bathroom counter or on a vanity.

Novel Idea

Storage in Plain Sight

Too many books and not enough shelving? You can never have too many books, but you can run out of shelves. Stack your books instead, and create a makeshift side table. Guests will be impressed with your literary collections, and they won't have to share the couch with your novels.

Storage You Won't Want to Hide

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January 9, 2019
Lovely ideas. Your turn to dust the bar cart, however.