6 Pretty Ways to Organize with Storage Containers

Spruce up your home's style with these unexpected storage container ideas.

Your home should be a reflection of your design style, as well as a space to relax and unwind—not a place for clutter to accumulate. And while there are hundreds of storage solutions that can help you contain your belongings, not all of them are aesthetically pleasing. Of course, there's a time and place for plastic storage bins (they're a great way to declutter a garage), but you'll want to reach for prettier solutions when it comes to visible storage inside the home.

While it can be tempting to head to your local home store and stock up on dozens of matching bins and baskets, there's no need to splurge on expensive items. Think about ways you can repurpose items you already have: A basket you received fruit in from a neighbor, leftover Mason jars from your short-lived canning hobby, or that one-of-a-kind crate you found while antiquing but never found a use for. These items can all become storage containers that not only keep you organized but also add unique style to your space.

To help inspire your own organizing, we've rounded up our favorite ways to tidy up with storage containers.

craft supplies in jars and baskets
Kim Cornelison

Mix and Match Materials

A few baskets and a handful of repurposed jars work well together on an open shelf. Line up the baskets and tuck in bulky belongings such as craft supplies, extra cords, or anything else you don't want to have on display. On the shelf below, position clear glass jars and use them to store smaller objects. By keeping like items together and sticking to simple yet flattering containers, you'll be able to find what you need when you need it.

Fruit bowl with bottles on trolley
Laura Moss

Shop Vintage

Give your living area a vintage aesthetic while also providing plenty of practical organization space. Whether you use it as a traditional bar cart or as an additional set of shelving, a rolling cart is an easy way to add storage to any space. A cart with casters can become a mini coffee station, candy bar, tapas tabletop, or even a bookcase. Clean up and repurpose an old cart and add some antique wooden crates to contain taller items on lower shelves. Then add a rustic tray to the top to gather small items.

basket on shelf with magazines
Blaine Moats

Keep It Simple

The goal of getting organized is to simplify both your home and your daily life, and it's important to remember that when deciding how to store your stuff. If creating a complicated system for incoming and outgoing mail, magazines, school memos, and receipts doesn't seem sustainable for your lifestyle, opt for a simpler solution instead. Corral it all into an attractive metal basket and make a point to go through it at least once per week. The fact that it's on display in your entryway will help you to remember what's in it without creating a mess on any open surface.

blue chambray labeled bins in laundry room shelving
Laura Moss

Assign a Purpose

When you're organizing your belongings, keep in mind that each box, bin, or container should have a specific use. Try to avoid dumping miscellaneous items into containers just to get them out of the way or they will ultimately just become transportable junk drawers throughout the house. To help you (and your family members) remember what all the bins are for, create pretty labels for each one. In the laundry room, consider reusing fabric bins as hampers and adding labels for each person. Because they're functional as well as pretty, they can sit out in the open and might even make the task of laundry a bit more enjoyable.

Pantry organization with shelves and labels, blue theme
Adam Albright

Keep It in the (Color) Family

If you have a variety of mismatched bins throughout the house, don't think that you can't use them simply because they don't match. Just because they're not a set doesn't mean they can't come together to form a perfectly pretty pantry. The key is to use containers that are in a similar color family so they look seamless once placed in proximity to each other. For example, use any blue containers you have and then mix in clear bins with blue labels. This creates a cohesive space while making it easy to find the candy you stashed away from the kids.

seating in window with storage
Jay Wilde

Stick to Neutral and Natural

If you're purchasing new storage containers, stick to a classic style that can be used for years to come. Natural materials such as rattan and water hyacinth will match just about any home aesthetic and can be used to organize a variety of rooms in the house. Use natural oversized baskets in the entryway to store towels, blankets, or shoes, or use neutral woven baskets to store extra towels and washcloths on open shelving in a bathroom.

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